Don't be fooled. If you have any doubt, and you can't understand how it applies to you beloved, you should think about this seriously. No need to close your eyes to things that hurt and make us think about the true attitude. If any, they need to think and understand why a man behaves. Maybe he doesn't need a serious relationship? Maybe he just spends time and soon will say goodbye to you.
Watch how much he pays you time. Enough? If he prefers you, not meetings with friends, then this is a big plus in his favor. If a man all his free time with his girlfriend, so this girl he cares about and needs. If he is willing to sacrifice for it what used to be the most important to him, so he changed priorities, and now on the foreground there was the woman that he needs.
Analyze his actions. Does he do actions which may cause pain. Promised to go to the movies, and he went with friends to the bar? If this happens regularly, then, alas, at the moment, friends are a little more important than you. Making promises and not fulfilling them? The sad conclusion is obvious. If he does not keep promises in front of everyone, no matter whom they gave.
Consider what he can do for you. Is he talking about family, children and other family moments. Those who do not need a serious relationship will avoid those topics. Although a man can be just not ready for this, and you it seriously.
If you have suspicions that you had not one, not dismiss them. Better to ask him straight and see his reaction than to banishing bad thoughts and suffer. Once having placed all points over i, it is subsequently possible to avoid large disappointments and resentments.
When a woman need a man, he shows it to everyone and everywhere. If he tries at every opportunity to wave away, as from importunate flies, that means that this girl he has no feelings.