A man in love often calls me, interested in business, offers Dating. In that case, if the partner is not waiting for the initiative, and he is active, we can say that he has a strong interest in the woman. It definitely calls back, if he sees a missed call from her, texting throughout the day, trying to reach her in the evening to see that everything is in order.
Love the man tells the woman about his plans. He warns that working late, he will trip, he has planned a meeting with friends, etc. It does not disappear suddenly disconnects the phone and is always available. He does not doubt in their own integrity, behaving responsibly, and values.
A man in love tries to make gifts. Not always expensive (it all depends on his well-being). It may be a rose, presented during a joint dinner, candy, sweets, etc. Besides, the man wants to know what a woman wants and fulfill her dream. It is not necessarily material value - car, jewelry etc can be a journey to an exotic country, a ticket to the premiere of the movie or play, champagne on the rooftop under the starry sky and much more. A man in love wants to do something nice for his partner and finds various ways to please her.
The man who is in love, introduces his girlfriend to friends and relatives. He wants people close to him became friends and got to know each other. Besides, the man wants the woman to prove the seriousness of his intentions, and familiarity with friends and parents is the best proof.
A man in love is discussing a future together. He talks about vacations, planned together, consults with a woman, what you'd like her. He starts talking about living together, about family and children.
The man who is in love with, maybe a little jealous. Usually it passes, he learns to trust his partner. But sometimes doubts in fidelity of the woman chasing a man all his life. This happens most often with insecure men. In this case, the partner should try to convince the man that he is the best and most beloved. Then he, most likely, cease to torment yourself and the beloved.
In love with the man cares about the woman and tries to help her. He takes on domestic problems, meets her on the car with work, helping with various chores on the weekends. He was pleased to give the woman a favor, he was glad that might be helpful.