That's a surprise!

First date with a man I Aced it. It doesn't matter where it happened, the main thing that the atmosphere was filled with only positive emotions. When she returns home, all her thoughts will be filled with this man. Will pripomnil every moment to the smallest detail. But about something serious woman yet think not, because it's still early for this.

It's been two weeks since the first date, and here he calls married. For women it will be a surprise. It is that offer make a girl think, how serious are the intentions of her lover.

What he wants really?

In a situation when a married man calls after two weeks, there may be several variants of understanding of his intentions. But do not think that the logic of the opposite sex is simple: if we are called to be married, the way it is, and does not imply any gain.

First, as is known, the duration of visits and meetings is not always negatively affect the quality of the marriage. One long Dating, but married, can not and years to live together, get divorced. Other relatively short period of time to understand that this is their soulmate with whom they want to live life. Therefore, if a man proposed to marry him, do not give hasty answers.

Second, if after two weeks the man is ripe for proposals, but invites the woman to move in with him immediately, should think, and whether its decision of any trick. In such a situation may be two options:

- a man is crazy about women and is willing to make for her crazy actions.
- it has a vested interest, while hiding behind this tender heart.

In the first case, a man in any way trying to prove to the woman that we love. In the second version he uses different tricks to get a girl into bed.

You need to remember that not every man will dare to propose to a woman after two weeks of Dating. For him, it would be appropriate to get to know each other, meet family lady. Some men before marrying, decide to test their relationship with the woman way of life.

How to define its severity?

A woman should try to know is not whether a man in a difficult situation such as a fight with a girlfriend or a divorce. Men, married, as a rule, do not make rash decisions. So the woman will be useful to find out if he wants so just have fun.

You need to pay attention to if he's interested in a girl, as a person. If he says more about himself, so the seriousness of his intentions is put under question.

You need to remember whether he kept his promises. If he said he'd call at five, and did so only after a few hours or days, causing the girl to worry about, should think about his intentions. To prevent such irresponsibility is possible only if he had a good reason not to keep that promise.

The man with serious intentions behavior definitely and predictable. Saying goodbye to the woman he is planning a new meeting, said that he would call in the evening (at dinner, in the morning).

If a man insists on intimacy, regardless of the desires of women, he only wants that. A decent man will wait until a woman will consent to such a serious step in their relationship.

Before agreeing to take the man to marry him, you need to understand whether the woman herself to such a step. After that you should pay attention to it. Only realizing that he is serious, give your answer.