Advice 1: What man wants, if it does married in two weeks

A marriage proposal is a serious step not only for men but also for the woman who gets it. Before you make any step, you need to think about it. It is necessary to understand whether the man is serious or makes an offer for another reason, especially if it comes two weeks after Dating.
Offer in 2 weeks

That's a surprise!

First date with a man I Aced it. It doesn't matter where it happened, the main thing that the atmosphere was filled with only positive emotions. When she returns home, all her thoughts will be filled with this man. Will pripomnil every moment to the smallest detail. But about something serious woman yet think not, because it's still early for this.

It's been two weeks since the first date, and here he calls married. For women it will be a surprise. It is that offer make a girl think, how serious are the intentions of her lover.

What he wants really?

In a situation when a married man calls after two weeks, there may be several variants of understanding of his intentions. But do not think that the logic of the opposite sex is simple: if we are called to be married, the way it is, and does not imply any gain.

First, as is known, the duration of visits and meetings is not always negatively affect the quality of the marriage. One long Dating, but married, can not and years to live together, get divorced. Other relatively short period of time to understand that this is their soulmate with whom they want to live life. Therefore, if a man proposed to marry him, do not give hasty answers.

Second, if after two weeks the man is ripe for proposals, but invites the woman to move in with him immediately, should think, and whether its decision of any trick. In such a situation may be two options:

- a man is crazy about women and is willing to make for her crazy actions.
- it has a vested interest, while hiding behind this tender heart.

In the first case, a man in any way trying to prove to the woman that we love. In the second version he uses different tricks to get a girl into bed.

You need to remember that not every man will dare to propose to a woman after two weeks of Dating. For him, it would be appropriate to get to know each other, meet family lady. Some men before marrying, decide to test their relationship with the woman way of life.

How to define its severity?

A woman should try to know is not whether a man in a difficult situation such as a fight with a girlfriend or a divorce. Men, married, as a rule, do not make rash decisions. So the woman will be useful to find out if he wants so just have fun.

You need to pay attention to if he's interested in a girl, as a person. If he says more about himself, so the seriousness of his intentions is put under question.

You need to remember whether he kept his promises. If he said he'd call at five, and did so only after a few hours or days, causing the girl to worry about, should think about his intentions. To prevent such irresponsibility is possible only if he had a good reason not to keep that promise.

The man with serious intentions behavior definitely and predictable. Saying goodbye to the woman he is planning a new meeting, said that he would call in the evening (at dinner, in the morning).

If a man insists on intimacy, regardless of the desires of women, he only wants that. A decent man will wait until a woman will consent to such a serious step in their relationship.

Before agreeing to take the man to marry him, you need to understand whether the woman herself to such a step. After that you should pay attention to it. Only realizing that he is serious, give your answer.

Advice 2: How to get married after 50 years and whether?

Unfortunately, the single women who turned the half-century milestone, found quite a lot. Someone from behind them failed marriage and early widowhood, and someone failed to meet his fate. It may seem that you need to accept and live out their lives alone. In fact, it's never too late to change your life.
How to get married after 50 years and whether?

Why marry after 50 years

Although many single women age 50 and older want to get married, yet it is not always clear whether they need it. At this age, there are several reasons for marriage. Of course, the most common among them is the desire to escape from loneliness. In this case, a woman looking for decent, sober man who will not cause her great love, but will brighten up the loneliness and protect from the ills of life. Not bad, if a woman has her own flat where she can create for men an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. It is also desirable to be able to cook well: the way to a man's heart remains through his stomach.

Sometimes fifty women want find a wealthy husband to get rid of financial problems. We must admit that it is not so easy. Even not too rich young men are bait for girls 20-30 years. To compete, you need to be slim, beautiful, well-kept and very wise. Upon marriage, the woman will have to constantly monitor themselves, to meet her husband in a consistently good mood and maybe sometimes to close my eyes at his fleeting passions. To find a rich man, you need to have some funds that have to invest in their appearance, and visits to expensive restaurants and private clubs, which are often visited by wealthy people.

Is it possible to love after 50

Despite the fact that many believe that even after forty, and those over 50 years already not to romantic feelings, but in this age, you can marry for love. The problem is that the 50-year-old lady can't fall in love blindly as do this young girl, not noticing the flaws of the beloved. However at any age you can afford to love. Just need to learn how to keep youth in his soul, to enjoy every day and truly believe in the possibility of happiness. And age here not a hindrance. It is even a advantage of making a woman wiser, more experienced and more patient.

Chances to get married are of any age, although, of course, they largely depend on the nature and ability to look good. If a woman is sociable, friendly and smiling, watching them and preserves the youthfulness of the soul, it can happily marry even 60 years. For good reason, the other young, pretty girl is surprised so many fans of her cute and youthful grandmother.

Advice 3: How to wean a man to drink beer every day

A man can every day to go to the bar. Or to arrange a daily homemade beer gatherings with friends. And maybe to come home from work, turn on the TV, open the chips and drink their beer. If you want to teach your man to drink beer, start with arguments.

The man with the beer
An abusive person usually does not notice for a sin. Explain to the man that it deprives the family to communicate with him and Vice versa. A significant portion of the time the man pays for the beer, and if he drank the communication can not be complete. Tell us how it is important for you to be with him, to share experiences and problems. Emphasize how you need your man. Strongly not push, but try to objectively convey that you care about him and your relationship.

To offer an alternative

If a man agrees with your arguments and ready to fix, offer him an alternative. For example, agree that the consumption of beer alone you will do something nice together. Owlcotes Cycling, join together in a circle of tango, buy tickets to the swimming pool.

Perhaps the habit of drinking beer, your men just need something to occupy your hands and mouth while watching TV, as I bite my nails or smoke. Try to offer him something LP: seeds, nuts, dried fruit. Sometimes you can ask the man a simple mechanical thing while watching TV: for example, to dig the stones out of the cherries for winter preparations. This will allow him to focus, and, at the same time, to relax, to escape, if that's what he finds in beer.


Try to play the game. For example, ask the man for three months to put aside that he could spend on beer and nuts. And the money saved you will go on a wine tour in Provence for the weekend. For each miss postpone the trip for a week.

Maybe come to a meeting after work with a man creatively? Many of them not easy to switch after a tense working environment at the wife and the quiet creaking of the floorboards home. Cook your man a beautiful dinner. A better – wait for the man to work and cook them to the music together. It can be a regular chicken with fries, but served in glass bowls, decorated with rosemary, Apple rings and little candles. Pitch out all that is in the fridge, lots of snacks in tiny saucers, turn on the jazz-modern, buy a bottle of the lightest wine and glue it humorous pictures about your life together. Behave like movie heroes of American film. After a series of such dinners to retreat man is not so simple.

To make a bet

If you have a lack of that annoying man, ask the competition: who is faster will get rid of your flaw. Put your money in public, for example, in the presence of friends. If a man can go a couple months without beer, and you will be frustrated with no carb diet before – well, a week-long fishing trip with friends, he assured.

Pressure on the pity

Tell your man how you are sick of it rasklapanje species and fish odor, as you constantly have a headache, and thought about his behaviour have neither sleep nor concentrate at work. Ask him to drink a beer for you less often, to start the day and gradually leading up to a couple of bottles at the weekend. Bloom and rejoice in proportion to the decrease in the number of drink man beer. Surprise him with new outfits, make-up and cheerful. If you can leave one beer on Saturday and drink on Saturdays together.

Maybe it's lonely?

Not looking for your man calm in beer and the ability to vent to friends? Are you talking along, there are concerts and movies? Not whether you live as neighbors?

Frighten him. Private.

Tell the man that colleagues are wondering why, well, I married a man twice older than themselves. Read him the note known endocrinologist from the magazine "cosmopolitan" about the possibility of the growth of male breast until the second size when the consumption of beer. Take a tape measure, measure your man and make a table in Excel. Keep monitoring regularly and carefully.

Take a man coupon on reception to the urologist, explaining that even a little bit- and it will be too late. Promise to get off work and go with him.

If your man goes to beer bars, declare that she was infected by his example and counsel, which of five new pairs of pins suitable for latex shorts.

If all else fails, admit both that the man is sick with alcoholism. Seek help in specialized centers, or accept and then love him such what it is.
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