This is the most difficult period for women, they literally have to break apart to catch all the household chores and do not leave unattended younger child. But there's good news: this period ends sooner or later. Closer to four years the child becomes more independent, is already a lot he can do, and even and helps parents. The moms with a little spare time.

How not to go crazy, trying in vain to keep up with a restless child?


The child is constantly doing something, constantly moving and creates around itself a chaos on a universal scale. All right, so it should be. When the baby is a little older, everything will return to normal and you will once again have a perfectly tidy house. The kid himself will clean up their toys – even without your commands. So don't mind a little mess. For complacency can be considered a chaos little spicy detail of the interior remains.


Many young mothers believe that their child is ready day and night to mess around with a variety of beautiful toys, the main thing – that there were many of them. It is not so. Or rather, all wrong. Until about four years the kid is playing what play his parents: telephone, TV remote control, a pan or a hammer. As soon as he sees something that "play" by adults immediately want to play it myself. So particularly valuable or fragile things hide where a curious child can't get. And if you got, then put him to play next to each other – or even themselves solemnly handed the ladle and the water-filled pan: let the child "cook" something together with you.

Aspect of attention

Children are always interested in everything, so they constantly switch attention from one subject to another. And if you, for example, asked the child to tidy up toys and went into the kitchen to continue cooking dinner, then don't be surprised if the toys will remain lying on the floor. Check that the child began to get out, and then do your other work. See, the kid didn't clean not because he was lazy or he wants to annoy mom, but because he simply switched to something else and forgot.