Preparing for anal sex

For anal sex it is better to prepare in advance. Buy the special lubricant. It's a lubricant that reduces discomfort, prevents injuries, and improves glide. You can buy it in a drugstore or a sex shop. Use butter, cream is not recommended. Can you buy condoms for anal sex, they are also coated with a special compound, but even they need to come together with a special tool.

Typically, for the first time, all very worried. To reduce this feeling, you can make a small enema. It will help to cleanse the bowel, do not be scared that something might look unaesthetic. But even without this procedure, everything goes very easily. It is important only to take a shower, it may even be the prelude.

Manual for the first time

For the first time was not painful, you need to properly develop the anus. Apply the lubricant and start to massage. This is usually done by the active partner, the other party just relaxes and enjoys what is happening. You can start to gradually enter into the hole of one finger. All movements should be smooth. Be sure that the nails were neatly trimmed. Circular motion put him inside and pull back gradually should start to expand the passage. The next step is the introduction of a second finger, again very carefully. You will need to insert and the third, then it doesn't hurt. It is not necessary to accelerate.

Before you continue and start the act, you must select a pose. The most popular — when partner gets back, you can sit at the top in order to regulate the depth and rhythm. Each pair will choose a solution, you need to both be comfortable. In this case the passive partner for the first time will make a minimum number of movements, it needs to be relaxed.


If the man does not hurry, does not produce strong shocks, and does everything slowly and smoothly, the pain will not. First appear strange impression that I want to use the toilet, it is deceptive. You just need a little patience and it will pass. Pleasant feelings will begin to appear immediately, you need to wait a bit. The hole expanded in an optimal way, and then the process will be easier. The most important thing is not to compress and not to strain.

Pain can be, but only if the partner is in a hurry or choose the wrong pose. Try another angle or ask your pair to act gentle. If will be very frustrating is to stop this activity. Many people act feel weird, they have a frequent urge to go to the toilet. This is also temporary. Usually after 3-4 practices, such things take place. To get a taste of this lesson, you need to do it not once, but several times. Of course, not in succession but with breaks.