Technology Blowjob

So, oral caress of the penis you need to start with soft touch. Then the woman takes the penis in her mouth and performs moving the lips up and down his shaft. Teeth should not be involved, and the lower part of the penis during a Blowjob it is advisable to stimulate with your free hand, moistening the barrel with her saliva. Caressing cock with her lips, the woman turns her head so that the language related to the frenulum of the penis, and the tip is irritated convex ring around the head of the penis.

Blowjob, gently nibble sexual organ, experimenting with the movements of the tongue and be sure to pay attention to the male testicles, stimulating her hand.

To enhance the enjoyment of oral sex is possible by pulling the foreskin and holding it in this position. It will also accelerate the onset of a bright orgasm. To perform this technique you need to grasp the member with your thumb and forefinger around his base and pull the skin on the penis. Practice, many women start to combine polyproline head turns with the stimulation of the lower part of the penis so that their hands are in the process of a Blowjob follow the movement of the lips.

Technology of cunnilingus

Before you begin to perform cunnilingus, the man should first find out the situation in which the partner is comfortable to hold legs because the girls with not very good stretching will be difficult to wait until the end of affection. Equally important are the various subtle movements of the tongue, and not a monotonous stimulation of the clitoris at the same point. In the process of oral sex caressed the area it is advisable to lubricate with plenty of saliva.

In the process of cunnilingus you need to relax the language because aggressive stimulation may cause partner discomfort and even pain.

Caress the genitals of the female partner must be fully flat surface of the tongue by moving my head up and down, simulating the nodding. So the tongue will touch all the sensitive places. After each movement it is desirable to hold the tongue between the labia minora of women. Also, do not concentrate on only one caresses the clitoris – the area around him to caress, gently grabbing the skin lips and lightly nibbling at her. In addition, in the process of cunnilingus play an important role fingers that can gently stimulate your partner from the inside out, gently pressing her free hand on the pubis.