In adolescence all the boys are hypersexual. Because of this, they very quickly turned on. Virgin often it is enough just to look at a naked female body – and he is almost ready for copulation.

However, the copulation does not occur. Why? To blame the hypersexuality of a teenager. As soon as she touches it, an inexperienced partner can come.

Here you can see both sides. The guy wanted to walk to the ecstasy – it is up to him and reached. But the girl wanted to have fun – and have not received. She offended. She can even cry from frustration.

It is therefore better to first sexual intercourse guy went with a more experienced woman. It may be a girl, she may well be younger than the guy. The most important thing – psychologically correct approach to the process.

The girl should understand that if it comes in contact with the virgin, the pleasure first, she will deliver. She needs to play the role of a very wise and flexible teacher. For example, you can simply undress to start. Let him come and explore the female body. In the process, you can immediately tell where and how to touch it, to make it more pleasant.

Girl needs to remember that to complete intercourse the first time, most likely, will not. Impact is the hypersexuality, and the guy can happen ejaculation, even before the moment when he touches his penis the female sexual organ. That's why you can give him a pleasant feeling, just tomasturbate his penis.

You need to remember about protection. The inexperience of the young man is expressed in the fact that he is unable to understand and feel the onset of ejaculation, when the penis is in the woman's vagina. If you don't want pregnancy, you should advise the guy to use condoms. If you do use contraceptives, then don't have to worry about this issue.

The most important thing in sexual intercourse with a virgin is a very delicate psychology. Girls are very sensitive to the time when they lose their virginity. The same can be said of young people. Sexual intercourse may be the most vivid impression. But it is equally likely to inflict profound psychological trauma.