When there is a desire to diversify their intimate life, anal sex is a good option. But it might be different if we are talking about a pregnant woman.

Possible complications

Due to the fact that the size of the blood vessels increases, the health of expectant mothers more prone to constipation and hemorrhoids. This fact should be considered before starting sexual contact. Anal intercourse is fraught with inflammation of the anus pregnant, breaks, bleeding and even preterm birth. If pain in the anus or rectal bleeding from this type of sex it is wiser to refuse.

Arguments in favor of anal sex

If there are no contraindications, to deny myself such pleasure should not be. During pregnancy the sensations are aggravated. A woman can experience such a strong and bright orgasm, which ever felt.

According to the assertions of qualified sexologists, the rectum is the most erogenous zone. During gestation the sensitivity of nerve endings increases. The tissues are much more elastic. Soreness is minimized.

What poses to give preference to?

The main thing that you need to consider the comfort of the pregnant woman. The location in which it should lie on the stomach, should not be used. Usually moms prefer the poses on the side. This creates an opportunity as convenient as possible, the uterus is in minimum tone.

When engaging in anal sex use lubricants. It is better to buy such which contains glycerine and natural substances. Colorless lubricant is considered to be the most safe for the body.

Harmful if anal sex is the baby?

The kid in the belly of the expectant mother, is protected by thick muscle wall of the uterus, the mucous plug and amniotic bubble. Amniotic fluid dampen any vibrations. So what about the discomfort of the baby can not worry - he won't feel a thing.

Recommendations doctors

If the expectant mother already has experience of such sexual relations in pregnancy they will be transferred easier and more enjoyable. Otherwise it is better to abandon this way of pleasure until after the rehabilitation of the postpartum period.

Mostly anal sex while carrying the baby safe. But before you do them, you need to consult a doctor. And even if contra-indications do not prove, it is better not to abuse it.