Between spouses there are no secrets - how to decide on anal sex

Anal sex is the dream of many men. But women are afraid of pain and deny their partners the pleasure. But who, no matter how two loving people, it makes sense to try a new experience? Diversity in sex will make the Union more strong, ensure the passion for many years.

For anal sex special lubricants are available, which have enhanced antibacterial and moisturizing properties.

Before you try anal sex, the couple should talk. Important to find out whether the woman has problems with the colon. Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, turn sex into torture. And the partners should negotiate in advance that if a woman wants to stop the experiment - she'll say about it, and the man will stop. In such circumstances, even the most shy partner can agree on a new kind of sexual entertainment.

How to have anal sex that was not painful

So anal sex is not brought pain, the man has enough to excite the partner. You can do this via oral sex or first having traditional sex. When a woman is sufficiently aroused, you can try to enter a finger, lubricated with lubricant in the anus. If the partner does not hurt, you should try to insert his penis, but not very deep. Lubricants, in addition to the functions of lubrication, have an antibacterial effect. This is very important, because during sex with thin skin may have cracks that penetrate the infection.

Anal sex should be protected, especially with a partner that has no confidence. Of course, pregnancy when it is unlikely, but the ill with venereal disease and AIDS is very simple.

Keep in mind that the skin inside the anus is very delicate, it is not necessary to do sharp movements. First you have to move slowly and carefully. If the process does not cause the partner pain - you can speed up the pace. But at the slightest inconvenience better to stay. Intense anal sex can contribute to the formation of cracks in the anus. Then appears patients inflamed areas, which will have a long time to heal.

Not every woman likes anal sex, but sometimes, for variety, you can try it. If you follow all the rules above, the process will be as painless and pleasant.