For girls anal sex is associated with two fears - the fear of possible pain and psychological fear, which can arise for different reasons. Good preparation before sex and gentle patient partner will completely avoid the pain, but the psychological fears are more difficult to understand because they are irrational. In any case, if you have anal sex is taboo, no need to break yourself to please the partner, it won't do any good. Anal sex must be desired by both of the pair.
Swipe before anal sex hygiene procedures. Ideally, she should do an enema, then for fear that anal intercourse is a dirty business, there would be no reason. Also, the enema will be the first step on the way to relax the anus.
Take sufficient time to preliminary caresses. Porn gives men the wrong plant, where girls are engaged in passionate anal sex spontaneously, without any preparation. Actually before shooting the Actresses are engaged in a course of relaxation of the anus. Which means you can't lash out immediately. To ensure that all went well, you should be very excited. Special attention should be paid to caress the anus, a man can caress him not only fingers, but also the language.
Take care of lubrication. This is a crucial point of preparation for anal sex, just a good lubricant will help to avoid pain. It is best to use special grease from the pharmacy, which is specifically designed for anal sex. But you can apply the vaseline and creams. Just remember that oily lubricants can damage the condom, which must necessarily be used during anal sex.
For anal intercourse is important to correctly position, especially for the first time. The most painless position - woman on her side, the man in the back. At this position the member goes into the anus to a depth is formed and optimal for coitus corner.
After the introduction of the penis into the anus, try to control man, the first few minutes it needs to move very, very slowly, but due to the rapidly rising excitement he can not cope with you and hurt you.