For anal sex you need to be prepared. A woman will feel much more confident if the process goes to the toilet. You can also make a small enema, but that is not mandatory.
Anal hole is very narrow. Before anal sex it is necessary to expand it. This should be done very gently and carefully with fingers or language. The girl was fully relaxed, take time to preliminary caresses. Usually it is much easier to agree to anal sex if before she managed several times to orgasm more familiar ways.
Use a large number of special anal lubricant. You can buy it at any pharmacy or sex shop. It has a special effect that removes pain and also helps with sliding. Apply it on your fingers and gradually begin to introduce them in.
The pain will not, if the girl is relaxed. First with one finger, teach her to relax, then add the second and third. Gradual movements — the key to the pleasant sensations. Don't do anything abruptly, so as not to scare your partner.
To enter the penis only when the passive side is completely ready. First dive of 1 cm and freeze. Gradually log a bit more and again stop. Everything should be done very slowly and carefully. The progressive movement can begin only when you feel complete relaxation partner.
Pre-need to agree that if there is any discomfort, immediately stop all. It helps to tune emotionally. But it is worth remembering that the first anal sex often have the urge to go to the toilet. It's about the feeling that comes from habit. Likely to stain the bed almost minimal. And regular practice is the feeling completely passed.