"Shameful" disease

This is a delicate disease affects people of both sexes and of different ages. About him not to say out loud, some people even prefer to gloss over this problem, tormented and embarrassed to see a doctor.

Anal sex lovers more concerned about whether they can continue to practice it, in order not to aggravate the situation and impair the health of the presence of hemorrhoids in a partner.

In General, the main reason of development of this unpleasant disease is increased pressure in the abdominal cavity during the act of defecation. In the rectum swelling of the veins. It promotes the formation of hemorrhoid lumps in it.

In addition, the emergence of hemorrhoids promotes sedentary sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. In this regard, there is stagnation of venous blood and, as a consequence, the formation of lumps.

The lovers of anal sex risk

Many psychiatrists believe that anal sex by itself puts people involved in them, at risk of acquiring this disease. If we talk about the rectum, that by nature it is not inherent features that protect the anus and the rectum from damage during sex. It is worth knowing that lovers of anal pleasure. The rectum does not have the elasticity as the vagina, therefore can be damaged failure to comply with the basic rules. As a consequence of the violation of the circulation of blood in the veins of the rectum and the occurrence of hemorrhoids. This is not to mention that anal sex without a condom helps the man to acquire bacteria from the rectum to women. Subsequently, during vaginal intercourse this leads to the infection infections women.

Anal sex without a condom if the partner hemorrhoids lead to increased itching in the anus when you get there sperm. Given that hemorrhoids in the anus so everything is sore, it is unlikely that it will be a pleasure.

Doctors, in principle, do not recommend anal sex, especially if you already have hemorrhoids. This can lead to even more serious issues. For example, can cause bleeding, prolapsed hemorrhoid. In this situation, even the use of additional funds in the form of gels and lubricants are not able to rectify the situation. In addition, the partner is likely to experience pain if it hemorrhoids.

It should be remembered that hemorrhoids are curable.