Make sure you are both ready to begin a sexual relationship. If the girl is still too young, or you are Dating a short time, do not hurry and force it. It is important that you love each other and realize that sex will become a new stage of relations and not put an end to them.
Make sure that your first sex was held in a romantic setting. Can be nice to make the bed, light candles and turn on some light music. Take a shower and make sure that your significant other did it. Sit down together on the bed, start hugging and kissing your girlfriend. Follow her emotions: hot breath and piercing gaze can say that it is ready for further action.
Both undress and proceed to sexual caresses. Caress of intimate places of your second half and also let her study your body, for she was used to it. Do not rush, do everything slowly and carefully, watching the reaction of the girls. Pay special attention to her sex lips and clitoris. Gradually you will notice that the girl is excited even more, and her vagina began to stand out heavy grease. At this point you can proceed to the sacrament of first intercourse.
Think about the intimate protection of you and the girls. According to popular belief, the girl in the first times experiences less discomfort if a guy puts on a condom. Decide for yourself, do that or not, but it would be better to wear it anyway after broken hymen.
Put the girl on her back and, sitting on top, start to slowly enter the penis in the vagina. Carefully watch the reaction of the girls. If she gets hurt, try to kiss her lips and soothe with gentle words. As soon as you notice that the hymen is torn, and you quietly enter the vagina, interrupt the sexual act and ask the girl to take a shower, then do the same.
Try to resume sexual intercourse. If the girl complains of discomfort, it is better to stop it and wait a few days until the condition returns to normal. Do not forget to deliver a girl pleasure that she has left only positive impressions about the first sexual experience.