The difficulty in preparing for the exam in anatomy is the confusion of anatomical names. Similar names have veins, arteries, nerves, and so to remember and not to confuse them, and to be able to show on a corpse - not an easy task. In addition, many names of muscles in his forearm, and there are only 19 consist of 4-5 words that should be learned in Latin, although in the Russian language would be great, too. Practice shows that almost all the students start to prepare for the exam before starting it. This is the first and the biggest mistake, because such a large amount of literature on anatomy not to learn and absorb, but even to have time to read it will not work. Therefore, to postpone the session, nothing is impossible, it is only necessary to repeat pre-learned material.
A good impression on the exam can be done if to use anatomical names by different authors. In all the literature on the anatomy of previous years the emphasis is on the person who first described this structure. Now in modern textbooks give only the common names.
Depending on the faculty have their own nuances as in the study of anatomy and in its delivery. For example, dentists taking the course on an abbreviated program, focusing more attention on the anatomy of the head. From this it follows that in the exam the main focus in the verification of knowledge will be, it is made in this section of the anatomy. Pediatricians pay attention to the peculiarities of a person, so ask them on the exam will also be mainly on this subject.