You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - copies of documents of the clinic.
The primary point of reference about the surgeon's, working in the desired direction. Ask for recommendations from your doctor ask questions other doctors familiar, look for reviews online, ask customers who passed through a similar operation.
After the initial review, point to a more detailed reference about the surgeon and the clinic in which he works. In particular, should pay attention to the following factors:• the experience of the surgeon (the higher it is, the better);• history of the clinic, availability of necessary licenses and permits;• availability of insurance postoperative risks (the name of the selected surgeon must be mentioned in the documents).
Please read the contract for the operation. Carefully analyze the points of payment, the responsibility of the parties and resolution of disputes. If you have any doubts, consult with a lawyer. In the contract for you must not remain unintelligible phrases because they can hide very controversial position.
Make an appointment with the surgeon. During the initial consultation, listen to your emotions and intuition. Remember that this person you trust your health and possibly life. You must be absolutely comfortable to communicate with the selected physician. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor even the most intimate and sensitive issues: in regard to surgical intervention, you should not feel embarrassed.
If we are talking about plastic surgery, ask the doctor anonymous pictures of the results of the operations. Inquire how often he performs this work. At the same try to inquire about unsuccessful cases in the practice of the selected surgeon.