For admission to medical school applicants usually pass two examinations: Russian language (in writing) and biology (oral). At some faculties (laboratory diagnosis) to the oral exams is added to chemistry, and to writing – algebra.

If you arrive after the ninth grade, enrollment will be based on the results of the GIA (state final examination), if after the 11th grade – the results of the exam (unified state examination). In most medical schools you can make a choice: will you pass the entrance examination or provide results of GIA or the exam.

The period of training in medical schools and colleges, typically after the 9th class - 3 years and 10 months, after 11 class – 2 year 10 months. Common faculties in these schools are: "Nursing", "Obstetric business", "Medical", "Laboratory diagnostics".

Medical schools usually operate training courses for graduates. They come in different lengths, from one month to six months, and focused on specific issues, which will be offered at the entrance examinations.

Keep in mind that the deadline for admission to medical school can be different, for those students who chose to sit an entrance exam and for those who are going to provide the results of the GIA or the exam.

If you filed documents with the indication of the entrance examination: to provide results of the GIA or the exam, and they were below a pass grade in the faculty, repeat the entrance test, usually not organized.

For certain categories of citizens: disabled children, orphans, children, under the care of one parent-disabled participants and invalids of combat actions, etc. there are special conditions for admission to medical colleges, out of competition, subject to successful passing of entrance examinations.