Advice 1: What exams you need to pass for admission in medical College

If you have decided to link their future profession with medicine and become a nurse or a paramedic, you have to pass the entrance test in school or College in the corresponding direction.
What exams you need to pass for admission in medical College

For admission to medical school applicants usually pass two examinations: Russian language (in writing) and biology (oral). At some faculties (laboratory diagnosis) to the oral exams is added to chemistry, and to writing – algebra.

If you arrive after the ninth grade, enrollment will be based on the results of the GIA (state final examination), if after the 11th grade – the results of the exam (unified state examination). In most medical schools you can make a choice: will you pass the entrance examination or provide results of GIA or the exam.

The period of training in medical schools and colleges, typically after the 9th class - 3 years and 10 months, after 11 class – 2 year 10 months. Common faculties in these schools are: "Nursing", "Obstetric business", "Medical", "Laboratory diagnostics".

Medical schools usually operate training courses for graduates. They come in different lengths, from one month to six months, and focused on specific issues, which will be offered at the entrance examinations.

Keep in mind that the deadline for admission to medical school can be different, for those students who chose to sit an entrance exam and for those who are going to provide the results of the GIA or the exam.

If you filed documents with the indication of the entrance examination: to provide results of the GIA or the exam, and they were below a pass grade in the faculty, repeat the entrance test, usually not organized.

For certain categories of citizens: disabled children, orphans, children, under the care of one parent-disabled participants and invalids of combat actions, etc. there are special conditions for admission to medical colleges, out of competition, subject to successful passing of entrance examinations.

Advice 2: How to pass an algebra test

From the perspective of the emergency delivery exam in algebra shudder. The head refuses to accept many of the formulas, algorithms and theorems. The feeling is familiar to anyone who ever took exam in math subject. Most students pass the exam, taking advantage of good advice.
How to pass an algebra test
In order not to fail the exam, it is necessary to prepare in advance. The last night is not frantically studying a textbook. The result will not be a sleepless night even worse affect concentration during exam. If it turns out that before the date is a few days, rationally distribute the time to learn the material.The entire course material covered, you are unlikely to learn, so focus on learning the basic formulas. This will allow you to get a guaranteed "good" or "satisfactory". Trying to do too much, you risk to hear from the mouth of the teacher is not the desired word "retake".
Exercise with your tutor. Teacher in mathematics in a private setting explain obscure material readily available than in the classroom. Under his supervision any problems will be addressed. Once you understand the material, the process of solving the learning tasks will be easy and interesting.
To pass exams in algebra will help "crib". Do not use them on the exam, but the preparation they will help you visually to remember the key points. This will give confidence in solving complex mathematical problems. Write down on a small slip of the most complex formulas.
Look in the Internet some of the tasks included in the exam in algebra last year. Most likely, the problem will change a little, but the logic will remain the same. Visit the mathematical Internet portals, official website of your school or Institute. On the forum you can communicate with former graduates and learn interesting information.
Useful advice
Before exam eat chocolate. Its properties stimulate the brain, you will solve the most complex tasks.

Advice 3: What documents do I need for College

Admission to the College may be made after 9th or 11th grade of high school. The requirements of colleges are basically the same, but sometimes individual schools may require students to provide any additional documentation or participate in additional admissions tests.
What documents do I need for College

Prepare documents

To apply to the selected College must collect the following documents:

- passport (if no passport because of age is prepared on the birth certificate);
- a certificate of incomplete secondary education;
- certificate of GIA (if any);
four or six photos of the established sample (usually of size 3x4);
- the insurance medical policy;
- a statement that is filled directly from the admissions office;
- medical certificate 086.
Depending on the form of education the documents may be amended or supplemented.

For obtaining a medical certificate most students pass the screening at school. Also help of this sample is able to prescribe various medical educational institutions which will conduct the necessary surveys to establish that no contraindications for the chosen field of study have not.
Prior to the preparation of documents, carefully review the website of the chosen College in order to get the complete list of required documentation.

Additional documents and entrance test

Depending on the profile of the institution and the profession to which you do may vary and entrance test. Most colleges accept the results of the DPA, however, some to check the results can conduct a General test or a dictation. The presence of successfully passed examinations in Russian language is required. Also some schools arrange interviews with prospective candidates. Conditions of enrolment in different educational institutions may change each year, and therefore often should not be guided by last year's requirements.
Before applying make several copies of each document.

Upon receipt of the student in distance learning can require additional documents from the workplace. The same is done if a future student wants to enjoy tax free income – he will have to provide additional documents, which confirm the benefits.

Despite the fact that the procedure of admission in educational institutions controlled by the orders of the Ministry of education, each school has the right to create their own rules of admission, which, however, should not contradict the legislation. All information is always available for incoming, and therefore do not hesitate to call or come personally to the admissions office for more information.
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