"Enterosgel" - analogue of "Smecta"

"Smectite" is used in various digestive disorders (diarrhea, heartburn, belching, bloating), as well as in complex treatment of infectious intestinal diseases. This medicine can be replaced with "Enterosgel". He is a pasty homogeneous mass of white color. "Enterosgel" is used in dyspepsia, and in chronic and acute intoxications of different origin, acute poisoning, intestinal infections, dysbiosis, food and drug allergies, chronic renal failure. The drug helps to restore intestinal flora, while not affecting motor function.

"Enterosgel" is taken for one to two hours before eating or receiving other drugs with water. Adults appoint one tablespoon of product (15 g) three times a day, children under the age of five years give one teaspoon of the medication (5 g) three times a day, children aged five to fourteen years - one dessert spoon (10 g) three times a day. The duration of "Enterosgel" in acute poisoning – three to five days, Allergy and chronic intoxications two to three weeks. The product does not cause side effects. Sometimes you may experience constipation, which eliminates the intake of special drugs, the increase in the number of fluid consumption. In severe hepatic or renal insufficiency may be a feeling of disgust to the drug.

How to apply "to use adsorbents"

The equivalent of "Smecta" is "to use adsorbents". It enterosorbiruyuschee remedy which is a powder for oral administration. Testimony to his appointment are: toxic defeat of the digestive tract infectious pathogens, endogenous intoxication in renal and liver failure, exacerbation of chronic enteritis and enterocolitis. One sachet of "use adsorbents" diluted in 100 ml of cold boiled water. Children in the solution, add sugar or fruit juice.

Adults appoint 100 milliliters of the drug solution from one to three times a day. Children aged one year to use adsorbents" are at the rate of 0.3 g/kg/day. Children aged one to three years appoint 50 ml of the product twice a day, four to six years of age - 50 ml three times a day, children aged seven to ten years - 100 ml twice a day, from eleven to fourteen years - 100 ml three times a day. The course of the reception facilities will depend on the severity of symptoms and can last from two to seven days. "Use adsorbents" very rarely causes side effects, these include vomiting, nausea, allergic reactions.