What is poisoning?

Poisoning is a disorder of the functioning of the body. The reason for this is ingestion of a poison or toxin.
In medicine, poisoning is called intoxication.

Types of poisoning

Food poisoning divided into two groups.

The first group consists of poisoning of various food products.

The highest probability of poisoning in children occurs when included in the diet of dairy products, eggs, fish and seafood, meat and confectionery with cream.

The second group includes poisoning by chemical substances.

Both groups of poisoning a potential threat to the child's body, if not timely first aid.

The symptoms of food poisoning

The first symptom of poisoning is vomiting. In poisoning, it can occur more than 15 times per day. In parallel, it can produce diarrhea.

The child's behavior changes dramatically, he becomes lethargic, Moody.

Body temperature can reach 38 degrees Celsius.

First aid for poisoning

The first thing to do is gastric lavage. You need to give the child to drink 1-2 liters of warm boiled water. It is necessary for a speedy cleanup of the stomach from the food poisoning of the child.

You must make sure that in the body of the child is not dehydrated. It is necessary to observe a drinking mode. To do this, every 10-15 minutes to give the child to drink 1-2 SIPS of weak tea.

After that you should render first aid. Need to give the child medication, but keep in mind that the organism of the child differs from the adult organism and requires special medication.

Medication for the child at poisoning

If severe vomiting or diarrhea, the child should resort to the drug "Regidron. 1 sachet diluted in a liter of cold boiled water and give the child a La carte throughout the day. This product fills a liquid in the body.

To restore balance in the body will help such drug as a Drug. Its effect is stronger than ordinary activated carbon. You should give the child one sachet at the first symptoms, and then during the day drink two. The course of treatment 3-7 days.
And to kill the pathogen, to give the child "Enterofuril". It is an intestinal antibiotic. Take it 2-3 times a day for 5-7 days. The dosage depends on the age of the child.

To restore the microflora of the large intestine in a child, you need to give the child a pill "Lactofiltrum". Before applying you should carefully read the instructions. Giving the child this preparation, you need to remember that his drink for half an hour before or after taking other medications.