Generally, Smectite is produced in the form of a grayish or yellowish powder, in bags of 3 grams. To purchase this, normalizing the intestinal flora of the child, the drug at any pharmacy.
Kids under the age of 1 year, that's enough, usually, Smecta one sachet per day.
Children from one to two years Smecta daily dosage can be increased to two bags.
Children older than two years can increase the dose to three bags a day.
By the way, with acute diarrhea a dose of Smecta in the beginning of the course, you can also slightly increase.
Dilute Smectite child is a snap. For this you will need the bag of drug and 50 ml of any children's drink: juice, tea, water.
Smectite because of its tastelessness, you can add not only to the drinking of the child, but in his food: soup, porridge, puree. This action on the body did not weaken.
Necessary for the treatment of Smecta daily rate should be divided into several parts, give you need during the day, at equal intervals of time.
Smectite absorbs not only harmful substances, but also any other, for example, vitamins and other medications. Therefore, the intervals between taking Smecta and other drugs should be at least two hours.
The treatment of the child with Smektoj should not be less than three days. But more than a week to accept Smektu is not recommended.