To give the baby smectite is very simple. Dissolve 1 sachet of medicines in 50 milliliters of warm boiled water. Stir and pour into bottle. This dose is calculated for a day for children from birth up to one year. If the child already uses fruit and vegetable purees or other foods that smectite can be added to foods. After the child reaches one year of age the dosage can be increased to 2 sachets per day.
When severe diarrhea smecta first dose can be doubled. Smectite not only eliminate diarrhea, but also will save your little one from the reasons for its cause. It leads from the intestine of the baby all the harmful germs.
Smectite is absolutely no contraindications and is designed for patients of any age.
Pay attention to the child's behavior after taking the drug. In rare cases, the drug may cause an allergic reaction.
If in addition smecta, you give the baby other drugs, the gap between them should be at least 2-3 hours.