You will need
  • - elastic quick-drying fabric (to wear the old knitted t-shirt, leggings, lycra);
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - soft fabric for the lining;
  • latex elastic band with a width of 1 cm;
  • - the cups from an old bra or swimsuit;
  • - scissors;
  • - pins;
  • - chalk or soap;
  • clasp;
  • - brooch, sequins, beads for decoration.
Swimming trunks swimsuit bandeau can easily be cut out, based on your comfortable panties. Strut them on the sides and mark the outline on the wrong side of the fabric prepared for a bathing suit. On the lining fabric aside the gusset.
Sew the gusset and sostrochite sides of the bottoms. Attach a rubber band along the line of the cutouts for the legs and prostrochite zigzag stitch. Then tuck the edges inside and pull the elastic seam. Sew the waistband of the bottoms and pull at the elastic band. Either sew it in the same way as in the region of the cutouts for the legs.
Measure your chest in the front. Put this length on the fabric for a swimsuit. The width should be approximately 30 cm Fold the fabric lengthwise and sew. Insert strips of foam inside the cups from an old bra or bathing suit. Center the fabric and sew priamerica.
The previous step can be different. To do this, cut four strips of fabric and sew them in pairs to get two dual band. Take a plastic ring with a diameter of 3-4 cm and thread the two sides of the fabric. Sew the edges of the top, put inside a Cup.
In the lower part of the future of the bodice bandeau stretch the rubber band. Cut two thin strips of fabric. Priobrel the side edges of the bodice, sew the strips to them. At the ends attach the clasp. Or take the strip with more long and just tie a swimsuit on the back.
You can decorate swimsuit bandeau multiple ways. From the main fabric twist rosettes and sew to the bodice and bottoms. Will look nice lightweight brooch in the center of the bodice, and appropriate in style to the pattern of the fabric. You can also make embroidery sequins and beads to match the main fabric or a contrasting color. For embroidery it is better to take the thread to match decorative details, not fishing line.