You will need
  • silk scarves 1x1
  • - sewing supplies
Take a couple of silk scarves, the same or matching. It is best to take shawls 1х1метра. Apply to yourself and determine the place of fastening the side and shoulder seams. Use special sewing pins, fastening the fabric. Do not make the basting thread and a needle, as the silk will remain the puncture marks, and in the case of adjustments will be visible.
Smoothen the top edge inward to 2-4 cm for prefabricated turn-down collar. Sagleipie edge only a steam iron, so as not to leave ugly Lassa. You can just tuck inside the edges and hold them together (without smoothing).
Shoulder seams do in 5-10 cm long If you want the shoulders and neck were more open, it shouldn't lengthen the shoulder seams – prostrochite them at a distance of 2-3 cm Upper seams can decorate brooches, buttons or ribbons.
Back down from the edge of the shawls 5-10 cm to the side seam. Distance will depend on the preferred freedom of tunic, its width and your size.
Sew a seam vertically: for free option 10 cm from the chest to the waist line, and more closed models at 20-30 cm from the level of underarms to the hip.
To create the flying effect, hemming the sides 10 cm from the bottom edge. Because the edges of handkerchiefs around the perimeter are already processed, they do not need to construct overstitching lines. So you can feel free to experiment with style.
Tunic ready. It can be worn in the free version, and using strings stylish slim belt (ideal for slim women in leather, fabric or beads.
In the same way you can create a tunic for the beach, using scarves made of chiffon or gas (Maliki). Can make a tunic out of a pair, cut it in half and cementing the sides and shoulders by means of beads, brooches, or decorative pins.