You will need
  • -fabric for leggings;
  • -tights;
  • paper;
  • -handle;
  • pattern;
  • -scissors;
  • -threads;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -elastic band.
The first thing you should do is to choose a suitable fabric. The rule here is one: fabric for leggings should be sure to stretch. It might be lycra, knits and other fabrics, which are well drawn. But if the garment you want to sew for my daughter, see if you have a wardrobe of things, of which you can make excellent children's tights. Carefully measure the fabric to leggings turned solely on size.
If you sew leggings the child, then the pattern can be done quite simply: take the tights my daughter that it fit like a glove, and, putting them to paper, draw the pattern of future leggings. You can use the pattern from the magazine, but they do on the standard baby figure and your drawing will be different. But in the "adult" case is to use a pattern from a magazine.
After applying the pattern to the fabric carefully cut on the drawn lines blank for future tights. Cutting the fabric, leave a gap the size of 2-3 cm in order to sew conveniently.
Leggings sew on the sewing machine. In the process of sewing be careful, because the stretch fabric is not taut. Note that string need to pick strictly by the color of the product.
Grab a rubber band of the right color and vsheyte it in the upper part of the leggings. Before adding the gum, it is desirable to carry out the fitting, to later wearing didn't cause discomfort. This applies to both children and adults fashionistas.
Bottom leggings, you need to bend and also flash. If desired, the finished product can be decorated with original embroidery, funny applications and other interesting features.