You will need
  • - Elastic fabric, 1 m
  • - Tailor tape.
  • - Paper patterns.
  • - Tailor's chalk.
  • - A pair of scissors.
  • - A sewing machine.
  • Needle to knit.
  • - Thread in the color of the fabric.
  • - Accessories of choice (sequins, beads, spikes, etc.).
Build or download the pattern body. Necessary information can be found online on specialized websites, for example, For the construction of the pattern by their standards you'll need the tape. This method is more time consuming, but the product will be right on the figure. If you are not confident in their abilities and patience, will be easier to download the pattern in PDF format. The pattern will take a few sheets that need to be glued in sequence.
Pattern bodysuit portal
Consider the future suit. Body can be supplemented with cutouts in the front or sides - do the neckline or an open back, remove one or both sleeves to make a body over one shoulder. Back, shelf or sleeve can be decorated with transverse incisions.
A modified body from the store Legrotip
Make changes to your pattern.
Transfer the pattern onto the fabric using chalk. Note allowances - 1 cm.
Cut parts and remove them and start sewing. Use a special needle for knit. If your machine is not provided overlooka or stretch stitch, sew a narrow zigzag.
Don't forget fitting! If the product sits well, treat the cut, the neckline and armholes. You can just them to bend, but looks better treatment by Kant from the same or other elastic material. The suit will gain a spectacular view, if Kant is contrasting color.
Suit Legrotip performed with contrast black piping
The product is ready! If desired, decorate it with sequins, beads, feathers or ruffles. Create way help the arm & leg warmers, made of the same fabric.
Body decorated with frill, looks very impressive