Advice 1: How to make a costume for belly dancing at home

Belly dance – the spectacle is fascinating, captivating. But a huge role in his perception plays a dressed dancer. The costumes amaze with the abundance of shiny vivid details, lightweight fabrics. The additional effect of creating a jingle during movement accessories. Of course, you can purchase a suit created by professional craftswomen, but you can show a little imagination and skill and to try to create a costume that will make Oriental dance a memorable one.
How to make a costume for belly dancing at home
Traditionally, the costume for Oriental dance consists of long skirts or loose pants with belt and embroidered bodice. For its production will need a light fabric such as organza, strong fabric belt and ready bra. Decorate to suit you depending on your own preferences and fantasies. In the course can go to beads, sequins, coins with drilled holes, beads of different sizes and textures, delicate chains and more.

Making skirt

As already mentioned, the costume can include loose trousers, but a skirt is easier to sew. There are several traditional models of skirts for belly dancing, the most simple of them is in making a circle skirt. Made of light translucent fabric, it will drape beautifully and will not restrict movement while dancing.

It is better to make the skirt length to the ankle. The floor-length skirt will interfere to make the dance moves, given that belly dance is usually performed barefoot or in soft shoes without a heel. The shorter the skirt is, of course, also has a right to exist, but will look not so spectacular.

Wegrow skirt, enough to handle the bottom edge and secure top with rubber band. Not scary that it seems not too attractive, because the main decoration of the skirt – the wide waistband, which is worn separately.

Belt manufacturer

The belt is made of thick fabric – it needs to keep the shape. You can make it from old jeans, and the top sheathing with the shiny brocade, satin or other dressy opaque cloth. In the manufacture of the belt it is necessary to consider that it will be attached at the hips, not the waist. The belt should be pretty wide (width of about 2 palm), form of give him any, from the most simple to extravagant, asymmetric, with beautiful curves.

The belt should be securely fastened on the hips so it is necessary to provide good closure. Easiest way is to take the Velcro strip, so it will be easy to adjust and the fit of the belt to the body.

Decorate the finished waistband sequins, beading, any other way. Importantly, the zone was bright and elegant. Remember that it is one of the Central parts, which will rivet the attention during the dance. Very impressive look at the different suspension zone. Even better if they will make the sound, so suspension is good to use coins, chains and thread strung with them beads and seed beads. Length of pendants you can choose according to their own discretion, but most look good such jewelry length of 15 cm.

Making bodice

Ready bra as the basis for the top costume will save you from problems with his putting. He will sit tight and emphasize your strengths. It is better to take model of a dense (satin) material, no lace and other decorations, outstanding in this part underwear. As an option, use a good sports underwear: it is dense enough, fits well and does not interfere with move. If you can find the bra to match to the skirt, you can decorate it not so intense, but if the color is significantly different, will have tightly closed her bead embroidery or sequins, you could not see the fabric base.

Decorate the top of the suit also fashionable pendants similar suspensions on the skirt, at the bottom of the bra is suit for added charm. The suspension can be both short and reaching the waist.

Optional accessories

In order to make the costume complete, you can Supplement his ankle and hand bracelets, light sleeves on the elastic band of the same fabric as the skirt, a decoration or a light scarf on the head.

Advice 2: How to make hard cheese at home

Cottage cheese to cook is not difficult, and although it consumed a lot of milk, the result always pleases fans. However, in order to prepare cheese at home, you will have to get pressure, otherwise you will not be able to remove excess fluid.
How to make hard cheese at home
You will need
    • press;
    • form cheese;
    • a large clay pot;
    • the colander;
    • a long knife;
    • 8 bricks;
    • 2 large piece of cheesecloth;
    • 2 cups fresh milk (to ferment);
    • 4.5 l of cow's milk;
    • 4 tbsp. butter;
    • 3/4 tsp of baking soda;
    • 2/3 Cup of sour cream;
    • 1/4 tsp salt.
Make the starter: Express 2 cups milk at room temperature for a day.
Add yeast to 4.5 liters of warm milk, cover the container with a lid and leave in a warm place for 12 hours.
Place the container with the curdled milk into a large, filled with warm water. Put them on a small fire, use a thermometer to monitor the heating water should heat water to 38оС for 30-40 minutes and maintain this temperature until the mass reaches a sufficient density.
Determine the moment when the mass can be cut with a knife, cut the curd with a long knife into cubes 3 by 3 cm, right in the pot, then with a long spoon and mix them up, trying not to mash and to prevent the sticking of the cubes. Check out the pieces on density: gently squeeze your fingers and quickly release. If the piece is easy to break into pieces, does not stick to hands, it is possible to end heating (usually heat lasts from 40 to 60 minutes).
Drain the whey using a colander, line a rimmed gauze form for cheeseand (any container with holes in the bottom), put the cheese mass. The ends of the cheesecloth tie the top, place the mold under the press. Put on the upper Board press 4 bricks, then add one brick every ten minutes, giving freely to drain the serum. In conclusion, leave the ground under the weight of 8 bricks per hour.
Remove the mass from the mold, add the butter and baking soda, chop them with a knife in small pieces to mix well with butter and soda. Put in a clay pot, tightly clutching a weight to the bottom, leave in a warm place for 2.5 hours.
Add the weight of the sour cream and salt, stir. Put in the form of heat (smaller capacity with cheeseom more full of warm water). Put on a slow fire, stir until the solid compounds of sour cream with mass. Then pour the mixture into the pot, greased, and put in the cold. Observe cheese for 2-3 months.
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