You will need
  • - flowy fabric;
  • - bias binding;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - a sewing machine.
Pre-protiv fabric with the iron, spread it to your desktop. A simple model combinations you can make with no special patterns, just picking the right model of the dress, which fits you well.
It is better to cut out the fabric for the "slanting" to get attractive waves draping. Seam the sections of the armholes and neck make a small - half an inch is quite enough, because you will be the slices to turn over.
The bottom of the product can be processed "zigzag", to bend or make edging with bias binding, accordingly, leave and various allowances.
Baste and stitch side seams, sewn their sections. Press open the seam first closed, and then opened on both sides. If you handle it this way, the product will fall well on the figure, there will be irregularities on the sides.
Baste the bias tape to the cut of the neckline and arm openings, pristrochite it exactly on the edge. Treat the work with care and accuracy to make a beautiful smooth line.
Straps can be made from the same piping, just continuing to lead her from the neck. Try a combination, mark the length and location of the straps on the back.
Select the method that will handle the bottom of the product. The treatment of "zigzag" is a very playful flapper-wave at the hem - the most simple invisible region, while the border - a decorative bottom combination.
To make a neat seam "zigzag" fold cut 4-5 mm, set the scraps of fabric in a zig-zag stitching on small frequent step. Lay the line along the edge of the combination, and the excess fabric from the inside, cut small sharp scissors.
The finished product is smooth with the steamer. The combination can be decorated with small satin bows or flowers for the slice of the neck. Hem decorate with lace, make curly asymmetrical cut.