You will need
  • - lightweight fabric;
  • - elastic band;
  • - thread-elastic band;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - tailor's chalk.
Cutting of flowy fabric in front and back of the dress. These can be rectangles or trapezoids, the height of which is equal to the desired length of the dress. Fold the two parts right sides and run the straight side seams.
Vsheyte in the upper part of the dress gum. If you don't have a sewing machine, and have to do it manually, choose not too tight maharastrian gum in width from four to six millimeters, with an openwork pattern or straight. The dress was kept at the body tighter for the top line, select the elastic band tighter and wider than the others.
With a piece of soap or tailors chalk mark a line dress for sewing of elastic bands. To do so, attach dress yourself and standing in front of the mirror, mark out levels of sewing elastic tape on the waist and chest. Then spread the dress on a flat, stable surface and with a ruler draw a straight horizontal front and back of the dress.
Divide the elastic band into segments of a desired length. To correctly identify it, wrap itself elastic so that it was quite tight and at the same time, not dug into the body. Connect each segment in the ring and secure the stitches with needle and thread.
Make sure that the distance between the stitches were the same, then the dress will be gathered uniformly from all sides. It is best with a pencil or pen to make equidistant marks on the rubber band, and then the same number of marks the same distance apart – around the circumference of the dress. When sewing the elastic bands align the marks on it with marks on the fabric.
To sew the elastic with a sewing machine, buy store bobbin thread is elastic. Wind them on a bobbin and thread the Shuttle. Top insert in the machine the usual thread. To gum move freely, loosen the needle thread tension. Run the intended lines straight or zigzag stitching.
The top and bottom of the dress fold on the inner side and prostrochite or treat the sections with the zigzag.