You will need
  • The choice of material
  • Many do not like synthetics, so I prefer cotton thread. Of them also can be linked swimsuit, but its shape will not stay. In this case, you need to reinforce all the edges with underwear elastic. If you prefer a compromise, the thread of elastane in the yarn ensures good shape retention without any loss of comfort sensations. For our model size 44 you will need yarn, the density of which is about 350 meters per 100 GRS. This yarn will need 150-170 grams. Also prepare the backing fabric.
  • Tool selection
  • The model fit crochet №1,5. The higher the number, the hook will not allow the swimsuit tight enough. All swimwear, crochet, you need to "plant" on a lining.
The cloth cups of the swimsuit vivaselecta using one of the schemes.
- Triangles.

- A rectangle with a pointed or rounded top.

- A rectangle with a fan (for the chest is very large).

Rectangle strapless (two cups together, like a mini-top).
Select the second option if it is consistent with any model. The width of the calyx at the base (bottom edge) should be 14 see the Beginning of subtraction of symmetric loops should start by linking 7 cm of fabric from the bottom edge. The total height of the Cup should be 18 cm.
Tie the two parts of the cups. Straps are made of underwear elastic, tying her hook across to the desired length. Ties at the side, length 40 cm, make a chain of air loops. The connection of cups will do by tying them at the bottom edge of the bars without nakida.
Swimming trunks (bikini) starting to knit with the upper part of the front. Bottoms tie on the scheme as a whole item with a length of 44 cm Decrease and adding loops perform only at the edges of the part. Boca connect, promazyvaya columns without nakida. Underwear elastic strengthen the edges of the bottoms. Finally all the edges of the swimsuit tie next to the columns without nakida.
The finished swimsuit adorn all ways that will prompt your imagination – from beads and sequins to ribbons and laces.