You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors, needles, thread;
  • - pieces of fabric, chiffon, lace;
  • shells;
  • - decorative flowers;
  • - fittings;
  • glue rhinestones, beads.
The game of contrasts. If you have in the closet gathering dust one-piece swimsuit "bandeau" colors of the sea vests with detachable straps, you are the owner of a wonderful instance. The highlight will be a large applique of bright red color.Cut out a red fabric heart. Now tonal lace make a long string with ruffles. Gently nativite ruffles cascade on the heart, from bottom to top. You will get surround air applications. Then pristrochite heart panel swimsuit, this can be done on the sewing machine or manually overlock seam.
Floral garden. Certainly, a plain white swimsuit looks too boring. To add color and mischief will be able bright decorative flowers. They can be removed with pins (ranging from small orchids to large dahlias) or purchased at the Department of accessories in fabric stores. Attach the decorations with a needle and monofilament, the cups closer to-there straps suspend, the bikini – closer to the side seam or drawstring. Floral swimsuit will not leave anyone indifferent.
Shell. Every summer vacation you are sure to bring a couple of bracelets made of shells, which lie then. They can create a unique way if you use them for two-piece "bikini" or "halter", bodily or blue. Embroidered cups small shells, and on the ends of the drawstring panties clip big jewelry with the help of limit switches or the holders of the pendants.
Diamond. The swimsuit model is the private "plunge" looks amazing due to the deep cut front and back. Such cutouts can be decorated with rhinestones – large and small in the form of drops. One restriction: choose glue rhinestones of the same color. Multicolor "glitter" will look childish, and, for example, large white crystals, or rhinestones, chameleon will transform you into a Royal diamond on a Golden beach.
Pythons and leopards. Girls always like predatory colors, and to update a swimsuit seems almost impossible. Almost, because such a thing is already attracting all the attention to the owner. But there are secrets. Use accessories, such as metal rings and rectangles, decorated with rhinestones. They can be fastened in the joints of the side seams bikinis and panties, and also between the top edge of the cups and straps.