You will need
  • - the normal bra;
  • decorative fabric( it is best to take elastic);
  • - scissors;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - pins;
  • - decorative fastener;
  • - dense fabric;
  • - grosgrain ribbon for the straps
Cut the straps of the bra. The old straps do not need them because you replace the new one.
Neat panel of the cups and wings of the bra decorative fabric. To do so, attach the fabric to the top edge of the bra and slowly pin it with pins strictly around the contour of the Cup. Try to stretch the fabric very tightly, so there are no folds. In those places where it is not able to stretch the fabric, wrinkly, make a little tuck.
Pin the fabric to the side parts of the bra, and unwanted remnants of fabric cut. Just don't forget to leave a couple of inches for seams.
Fold the allowances in and pin them with pins, neatly sweeps them. After that, put the edge of the fabric on top of each other between the two cups, pin and make a small, barely noticeable seam.
Sew the fabric to the base manually, or use a sewing machine. All tuck treat hidden seams to front side could not see anything.
Take the tape measure it is necessary for you length strapless. To this length add five cm, that will be spent on sewing. the same length, take the adhesive tape. Remove the paper and attach adhesive side down to the wrong side of the fabric. Gently go over them with an iron, and then find them together with the allowances. Fold them and sew the straps, which are then pristrochite to the bodice. Don't forget to sew a decorative clasp.
Exercise your imagination, rasseva bodice beaded, beads, coins, sequins and rhinestones. Remember an important rule: the more the bodice of the beads, the heavier it becomes, therefore, a large load is on the straps of the bodice. So try to straps don't hit you in the shoulders.