For the beginning of the sketch, i.e., draw a picture of the future product, we mark all the important details, location of jewelry and rhinestones.
Next make a pattern out of the grid all the details of the suit: front, back, and bottom two parts. Here it is necessary to consider parameters such as waist, armhole, bust, under bust, height from center of crotch to waist, height from waist to neck. Do not forget to make allowances for seams when you cut out parts. This is very important.
Then make patterns of the same parts, only to have the underlying tissue. It can be any elastic stretching the fabric.
Details of the main fabric baste to detail from the grid. Then pristrochite on a typewriter.
The last step is finishing. Stick to the swimsuit rhinestones with a special glue for fabric. After the glue is completely dry, add the remaining decorations. I hope that your first experience sewing swimwear will be successful and will bring a good result. And these tips will definitely help you save the family budget and will provide the sweet taste of victory for the young gymnasts.