Make a sketch of the dress. Mark the location of rhinestones and other decorations, consider a pattern swimsuit.
Take the details of the swimsuit mesh: back, front, bottom two parts. When measuring, consider the following parameters: circumference of the neck, underarm, bust and under bust, waist, height from neck to waist, from waist to mid crotch. Cutting out details, make the seam.
Take the same piece of main fabric (stretch satin, elastic fabric, another). Keep in mind that sometimes it is desirable to open a grid, so it only do a partial repetition of pattern from the grid.
Fold the edges of the parts of the main fabric and baste to the grid. Pristrochite on a typewriter.
Sweeps parts of the mesh and underlying tissue, try. If everything is in order, sew on the machine.
Glue rhinestones, special glue, hang a swimsuit and wait until the glue dries. Add the remaining decorations.