You will need
  • - sewing machine that performs zigzag line;
  • – overlock;
  • - textured yarn.
Before sewing, try to sew lines on a piece of tissue. May need additional tuning machine (zigzag step 1-2 mm 2-3 mm).
Buy a presser foot for sewing an elastic material: a special lever creates extra effort for the promotion of tissue, and it is not going and not going. Need quality textured yarns, able to stretch with the fabric. In addition, the needle pick - No. 75, and to primaqiune gum – double.
Gum products tailor 2.5-3 cm shorter than main fabric and sew with zigzag tension: on the reverse side to the edge, then tuck it again pristrochite.
Double needle use for treatment of hem and decorative stitches. The edges of the panties, for example, to treat the bathing suit on the serger, and tuck stitch double needle, then insert the elastic.
For the tucks, adjust the machine to a bigger step and stitch not zigzag, but a regular seam, you can direct power. This seam will be elastic and will not pull tissue.
Supplex tailor from the pattern with the seam. Do the lines on the front side of the canvas. If you use mesh, it will tailor a stock after sewing, trim close to the seam.
The elasticity of the fabric on the skirt is achieved by sewing in a hem of soft regiona. You can Topstitch on the bottom of the garment edge from supplexand or to weight the edges "American."