It often happens that after a fracture in the affected region and outside it for a long time, there are unpleasant sensations and pain. This is because nerve damage can be quite a large length, therefore the pain often radiates to the fingers or joints.

After removal of plaster is necessary rehabilitation. It includes a set of activities performed by the patient (for example, certain physical exercises) or with the help of specialists (physiotherapy, massage).

To fully restore joint flexibility helps, it is a complex approach to treatment, rather than any single method. This happens not for one day or a week. If the fracture is severe, and there was displacement of bone fragments, rehabilitation measures may continue for several months.

A major role in the development of the joints is given physical therapy and walking. In some cases doctors are allowed to begin walking with crutches, then I advise you to go on a cane and only then recommend giving a full load on the leg.

In addition to therapeutic exercises, in the restoration after fracture helps with physical therapy. Ask your doctor or physical therapist to prescribe treatment on modern machines. After fractures are particularly effective treatments such as magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, and paraffin.

Swimming also helps to develop a joint, but before you start doing it, you need to consult with your doctor.

By the doctor, use ointments and gels that help reduce swelling and pain. If the pain is too strong, you can ease them by taking the pill of pain medication, but it is better to try not to get involved in chemistry.

Also after talking to your doctor, find a professional masseur and take a course of massage (10 to 15 sessions). This will help you to restore normal blood circulation to the damaged area.

The key to successful rehabilitation after removal of plaster is physical activity. Unpleasant sensations that you visit, be the result of fluid retention and lack of the joints, muscles and bones. Your task is to regain mobility, which will require some effort and a little time.