Scientifically proven detrimental effects of stress is not only mental condition but also on the exterior. What is so dangerous stress and why to avoid it?

  1. Affect the condition of facial skin.
  2. Wrinkles.
  3. Affect the condition of hair and nails.
  4. Increases body mass.

Attracting the attention of a female audience, I want to note that stress will first affect the skin. Under the influence of stress factors, the skin begins to produce more fat, becoming yellowish and dull. Also, facial skin is irritated, appear painful pimples and blackheads.

Often girls try to disguise or eliminate them with cosmetics, not realizing that the reason for the deterioration of the General condition of skin – normal stress. By the way, wrinkles are the result of stress on the body. They appear due to the increased skin laxity and emotions that are expressed in the MIME experience stress. So, for example, often the raging people have some wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, rasstraivatsya and sad – in the corners of the eyes.

Regular stress affect the condition of hair and nails. Due to the negative impact of stress on nerve cells, nails become more brittle, and hair begin to fade and thin out. Thus dangerous that no expensive paints, emulsions, shampoos and Maxi are not able to eliminate the symptoms.

The increase in body weight is another threat (especially for female) companion of stress. Certainly you can verify this by example: in stressful situations, constantly hungry, with more and high-calorie than usual. Ice cream, confectionery and fast food become the most desirable food in stressful situations.

Experts have found that it is not so simple to blame secreted under stress hormone – cortisol. It makes to eat more, but its direct influence on the body – is weight gain. That is, you can have the same or even less, but the weight will still be added. The reason is that the body is under the influence of this hormone goes into crisis mode setup and starts to store more body fat in "hard times."

Without a doubt, stress is extremely dangerous for the human body. Its effects not only adversely affect the appearance, but also can develop into chronic diseases in human organs. Of course, you can use the last word of modern pharmaceuticals and to numb the stress with the help of tablets, but it will even more affect the condition.

It is important to remember that the effects of stress will affect you until you correct the source.