But despite this, the mood, women often spoils. Especially now, when many live with the expectation of vacation, relaxing on the beach. As can be seen in a swimsuit if you are attacked by cellulite? Let's try to break up with him - at least superficially.


Approximately 10 hours a day we are in a sitting position. Surprised? And count how many time you sit in the workplace, on the way home in the car or public transport, at home in front of the TV or with your child for lessons. And just enjoying a Cup of coffee or tea, we relaxed recline on a chair or in the chair. We are so enjoyable and convenient. As well as our cellulite... That will fix the situation? Of course, physical activity! Running, swimming, fitness, exercise, Yes, the same leisurely strolls in the Park, or the walk to work (if you live far away, at lunchtime), climbs the stairs. As soon as there is opportunity to move not onlinesite, feet in hands - and forward! This supports active blood circulation, our muscles are toned and as a result, the speed of accumulation of fat accumulation would be significantly reduced.

Sweet life

That's how our body that getting fast refined carbohydrates (a lot of them in sugar, confectionery products, baking), he quickly and easily get the glucose entering the bloodstream. Hence the cheerfulness, activity, good mood. However, such a "battery is discharged quickly. All excess sugar will go to fat, and you continue to experience hunger. What should I do? A small amount of fast carbs, especially fruit, dried fruit, honey, will only benefit. It is best to eat before or after exercise, when muscles actively consume glucose. But if you eat at night, they will go straight to cellulite.

Away from water

Water is the best friend in the fight against cellulite. And its lack leads to deterioration of metabolism, loss of skin tone and muscles, accumulation of fatty deposits. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to increase the Wellness effect of water on our body on all fronts.

Drink plenty of water daily. For every kilogram of weight shall have 30 ml of water. So, if your weight is 80 kg, respectively, on the day you should drink 2400 ml of water. In the specified amount, you can include sparkling mineral water. Other liquids (milk, soup, coffee, tea) do not count, as water cleanses the body from toxins and improve metabolism.

Daily contrast shower improves blood circulation and smooths skin in problem areas.

A day take salt baths (only need 8-10 sessions). Sea salt removes from the body toxins and excess fluid. In addition, the salt contains important minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine), and under their influence the skin is refreshed, cleansed and tightened. Also in the tub, you can add a few drops of citrus essential oil and 0.5 liter of green tea, which contains theobromine, penetrating the skin and stimulating getting rid of the accumulated fat.