Apply the usual bintovuju a bandage on the spot where the plaster was applied. It will strengthen a muscle or joint, will create a heat stable condition and at rest. Place swelling apply a compress made from the infusion of the root of comfrey. To prepare this infusion chop the comfrey root and simmer it for 20 minutes in boiling water. Then strain the resulting broth and let it cool.
Make bath of decoction prepared with fir branches for fifteen minutes. Then grate the fracture site and swelling of pine oil.
Take 50 grams of medicinal incense (or pine resin-turpentine), root Larkspur and rye flour. All the ingredients give in a powder mass and mix. Then add in the mix a couple of egg whites and mix again to make a pasty mixture. This mass apply to the sore area in a day, until the swelling subsides.
Use a homeopathic ointment for the swelling under the name "Arnika" or make a compress from the infusion of herbs with same name. To prepare this infusion take a tablespoon of chopped herbs of Arnica and fill it with Cup boiling water. Then let the liquid stand to cool, and after that, soak the cloth obtained by the infusion and apply it to the diseased area. Keep the poultice from 0.5-1 hour.
Make a compress from conventional raw potatoes. To do this, take the potatoes and RUB it on a fine grater. Then gently press the grated potatoes from the excess juice. The obtained pasty mixture applied to the site of edema, and the top cover it with a plastic bag, and then another towel.
Drink diuretic herbs: bearberry (or bear ears), the red bilberry. Can use special herbal preparations. Only each person, this fee should be chosen individually, because some herbs have contraindications.