Causes of lumps on the neck of the dog

Of course, not always the bumps and subcutaneous tumor on the dog's neck are cancer, one of the most common reasons for their occurrence are purulent abscesses caused by trapped under skin foreign bodies or bacterial infection. The infection can reach, if the dog clawed the skin or is injured, including when the showdown with the relatives.

Have gladkosherstnye dogs on the neck often appear growths, warts and papillomas. Like humans, the reason for their appearance can be a viral infection. Usually the dog they did not interfere unless rubbed by the collar. A bump on the neck can be a consequence of the bite of insects, such as wasps, Gad-fly, or Gad-flies. In this case, it can be very large and annoying animal that will try to scratch her paws.

In any case, after the appearance of bumps, especially if there is no suppuration, it is necessary to wait a couple days. Most often, using this time the bumps are just absorbed, but if this did not happen and, moreover, clearly if the lump increases in size, should show the dog to the vet.

How to cure lump on the neck of the dog

Self-treatment can be performed only in the case when you are sure that the dog simply fester. Remove pus, wash the wound with chlorhexidine solution and apply anti-inflammatory ointment, for example, "Levomekol". On an open wound can also impose a sterile napkin moistened with a solution of chymotrypsin, mixed 1:1 with 0.25% solution of procaine. The cloth should be fixed on the neck of the animal and leave for a few hours. Injuries and also scratches should be immediately treated with some disinfectant composition of the break of suppuration.

If abscess began, is better to make the dog a surgery in the clinic where you will be able to remove the pus, rinse and disinfect the wound, put in drains and to prevent the infection spread further. All the bumps, discovered the dog needs a vet to establish the cause of their formation, had made the necessary tests and ruled out the possibility of degeneration into a malignant tumor. If the lump on the neck of the animal for a long time, it is better to remove it to examine the resulting material at biopsy and during to take action in case of danger. Papillomas located on the neck, also better to remove, even if no visible disturbance to an animal they do not deliver.