Causes of pinched

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When a local aging segments of the spine there are degenerative changes leading to the formation of osteophytes – bone spurs, which lead to the merging or the pinching of adjacent vertebrae. In addition, bony growths compress the nerve roots, narrowing the spinal canal and causing severe pain, which can develop into paralysis. Also this affects the outer fibers of the annulus, with the result that the dog becomes less mobile.

Most often, a pinched vertebrae observed in dogs aged six years crossed the threshold.

The reason of this disease can also be violations of posture, osteochondrosis, spinal injury, hypothermia, metabolic disorders and even hereditary factors. The main external symptom of the vertebrae is pinching motion limitation of the lumbar spine. Pain and stiffness do not allow the dog to jump and navigate stairs or inclined surfaces. The animal becomes hard to get up, his chest hardens, and the shape of his back could change considerably.

Treatment pinched vertebrae

To the dog not broke partial or complete paralysis should undergo a series of examinations. Usually a sick pet is prescribed a course of vitamins of group b, and neostigmine to restore neuromuscular conductivity. The treatment can be carried out at home, performing injection of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Also, the vet needs to prescribe drugs that stimulate the persistent passage of nerve impulses at peripheral nerve endings.
For self-diagnosis of a pinched vertebrae can be confused with sciatica or lumbago, so don't panic ahead of time.

For the treatment of this disease in dogs, there are special preparations, as "Quadrisol" and "Rimadyl". Medications intended for people, can not be used! They can cause the animal indigestion and bleeding. Sick dogs should be placed in a warm place (but not under the battery!), a walk should be gentle stairs and sudden movements should be ruled out completely. If the animal can not move independently, can do for his weak back legs in a special wheelchair that will give him feel more independent and active.
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