The first thing you need to do is apply cold to the site of the injury. When you were little, probably often fell. The mother applied to the injured place a cold spoon. As soon as it heated – immediately applied another. Do the same, but remember that it removes the swelling immediately after impact. Better if the spoon is silver. If there was no spoon, then attach a copper coin or bottle of cold water, and better tin can. Do a circular motion, as if rubbing the place of impact, thus you will not allow the blood to stagnate.
To the blood is resorbed faster, periodically apply to the bruise the ice. You can also make a biodegradable wrap. To do this, take ice cubes, wrap them in a plastic bag. At the point of impact, place the cheesecloth, folded several times. Then ice and top with a bandage fix all, wrapped around the head.
Make a poultice from raw potatoes. To do this, grate it on a fine grater and pressing, wrap in cloth, e.g., gauze. Apply to the bruised places and soak for 20-30 minutes.
Good help and cabbage leaf. For this you just need to apply it to the place of impact for a few minutes. Can also make the grid of iodine, or spread on the point of impact ointment made from the herb Arnica Montana.
If the hematoma is quite large, or persists, consult a doctor. He will undergo tests and will prescribe treatment that usually involves special absorbable ointments and compresses. In emergency cases, the doctor may prescribe surgical removal of the bumps, for example, at the tumor bone tissue.