Advice 1: What to do if his neck were a ball

Any violation of the symmetry of the parts of the body clearly indicates inflammatory processes. The same applies to the appearance of beads on the neck, under the skin where the blood vessels are lymph nodes. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor, because during the delay the tumor will only grow.
What to do if his neck were a ball
The emergence of several cones or one small ball in the neck signals the start of inflammation in the lymphatic system of a human. As a rule, the disease begins with the appearance of one small ball on the lymphatic vessel. This balloon is pretty well palpable and has a distinct rounded or elongated shape. If time does not go to the doctor, the tumor begins to grow in size, and within two or three days, coming to the emergence of several such cones. As for feelings since the beginning of the inflammatory process, the person feels obvious discomfort, ball in the lymph node constantly want to touch it, diagnosing it hourly increase. In the early period of the disease the average person can hear different advice from dobrohodov: from the necessity of applying to the site of inflammation miracle sock with heated soda to gargle aviation kerosene best – seller of recent years from the Academy of folk medicine. But self-medicate you should not. Need to go to the doctor, who will likely assign hot injections intravenous. To be afraid of injections not necessary, but definitely worth checking the condition of vessels, as some patients this treatment can cause harm.

What to do if his neck were a ball, and that could be the cause

Cervical lymphadenitis, and this disease is the cause of bulb in the neck, most often occurs with colds and viral diseases due to the weakening of the immune system.
In some cases, cervical lymphadenitis can be caused by a violation of the rules of personal hygiene. Is strictly prohibited to squeeze the pimples, leave wounds and scratches open and to neglect the health of your mouth.
The neck can become inflamed angina or flu. In some cases, cervical lymphadenitis can be caused by such dangerous diseases as tuberculosis or syphilis, so it is best to pass a comprehensive examination. It is also advisable to allow time for the annual check-up.

How dangerous the appearance of a ball on the neck

Itself cervical lymphadenitis is not a deadly disease and by performing the advice of a doctor regarding improving your immunity, it is possible in the future to protect themselves from relapse.
Immunity is particularly compromised during the prolonged depression that directly leads to cervical lymphadenitis in the autumn-winter period. As the prevention of the balls on the neck may be advisable to follow the thoughts and not to get discouraged.
It is worth remembering that neglected the tumor is removed surgically. After the start of treatment with the use of hot injections and antibiotic tablets, beads on the neck will begin to decrease in size in the first day. So it is best to hurry with the visit to the doctor.

Advice 2 : That may be, if under the skin of the ball

Suddenly discovered under the skin of the ball can be a symptom of a serious disease, and education harmless, invisible from the outside and not cause trouble. For correct diagnosis is the growth rate of the ball, its appearance and size, mobility and pain.
That may be, if under the skin of the ball

What is it?

If the ball is painless, dense, it can be shifted by a slight distance, and the skin over it is not changed, it may be one of the benign tumors that do not carry a serious threat and often is nothing more than a cosmetic defect. Such tumors can be formed from connective (fibroid) or fatty (lipoma) tissue, they rarely zlokacestvennoe and cause pain most often only case that reaches a considerable size and begin to compress nerves and blood vessels.

The ball, located in the region of the joint and causing discomfort when touching it may be a ganglion cyst – cystic formation arising from damage to or inflammation of a joint. Capsule bulb thus filled with synovial fluid.

Elastic, rounded tumor could be a trichilemmal cyst – a cyst sebaceous glands. On the surface of the skin over the tumor is usually noticeable small dark spot – the excretory duct of the gland, due to obstruction of which the secret began to accumulate in the capsule.

If the skin above the surface of the ball are swollen, reddened, touching her causes pain, appeared education can be a inflamed lymph node or a boil. Lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes) are sometimes accompanied by fever, General malaise. Boil easily recognizable by the white or yellowish purulent the head, appearing a few days after the onset of the disease.

What to do?

Self-diagnosis is in most cases impossible – to determine what kind of ball appeared under the skin and what was the cause of its appearance, can only surgeon after internal inspection. Sometimes simple inspection is not enough – it is necessary to biopsy tissue tumors.

If the finished ball does not cause any pain or discomfort, and signs of inflammation are absent, the visit to the surgeon can be scheduled in a few days, however, pull a long time is not necessary. If there are symptoms of inflammation, the ball rapidly increasing in size, skin over it changes color, swells, you should see a doctor immediately.

Treatment usually requires surgical. Surgery for a small tumor size is usually uncomplicated and often does not even require the premises to a hospital.

Try to squeeze, open, or remove the ball alone is impossible in any case. Also before diagnosis is not necessary to heat the tumor, applying hot or cold compresses applied to the skin anti-inflammatory or any other ointment.
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