You will need
  • -antiseptic;
  • -healing ointment;
  • -the bandage;
  • -harness;
  • -gauze for the manufacture of a pressure bandage;
  • phone the veterinarian.
First of all, the wound should be carefully examined. If your dog got scratch, in which a negligible amount of blood, it is necessary to process damage by any antiseptic (3 % hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution), you can then impose on the wound with ointment "Levomekol" or "Rescuer". The dog is not rasizada wound cover her vintovoi bandage.
йодовая сетка кошке на лапу
More serious situation is with deep damage, which may cause venous or arterial bleeding. If you see such damage, it is urgent to stop the bleeding. If the wound is on the body, put on her compression bandage if injured limb, it is necessary to use a tourniquet, retreating 5-7 inches above the wound. After stopping bleeding, you must deliver the dog to the veterinary clinic.
чем лечить суставы собаке
If the wound is extensive, the veterinarian will have to sew that up. For this purpose, wound field shear wool, the wound is treated with antiseptic and anesthetic, and then sutured. After that, the owner of the dog will be required daily to handle the seam as show veterinarian and to ensure that the wound started to suppurate. If this happens, it is necessary to re-visit a veterinarian who will examine the wound and, if necessary, will prescribe your pet antibiotics.
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