Advice 1: How to remove the withers

The deposition of adipose tissue in the area of the 7th cervical vertebra, condensed connective tissue, popularly called the withers, widow's hump, lump. This problem often affects women over 35-40 years old. Unwanted tumor cause a lot of trouble – from complexes about humpTosti to frequent headaches. Of course, it is better to take timely action and prevent the appearance of unsightly hump, but if the fact has happened, we must try to rectify the incident and to clean up the withers.
How to remove the withers
Massage. The most effective and efficient method. Prepare such a composition: in 100 g of castor oil add 20 drops of drugstore tincture of propolis. Shake (and then shake before each use). Moisten the fingers and RUB into the withers in a circular motion (clockwise). Duration of massage depends on your patience, diligence, and effort. If possible, massage the affected place several times a day, then very soon the seal will become softer, and soon completely dissolve.
Castor-propolis composition can be alternated with the heparin and troxevazinum ointment, mixed in a ratio of 1:1. Both ointments activate blood circulation and, as a rule, the violation of the blood flow often is the cause of the withers.
Very effective this massage: mix a spoon of honey and a spoon of vodka or alcohol. Apply the mixture on the withers , and smooth circular movements knead the seal. Be patient and not too relaxed, otherwise you will not have the strength to wait for the effect, which is the appearance of white flakes in place of rubbing. At this point, you can feel the pain (not very strong). Make honey vodka massage through the day. Contraindications: intolerance to components.
After a session of self-massage it is desirable to cover the neck warm scarf or blanket, and take for half an hour.
Gymnastics. If you along with massage you will do some simple physical exercises, the expected result will come faster. The whole gym is bending, twisting and head rotation. Randomly sitting or standing tilt your head forward/backward, left/right, make a circular motion, first in one, then in another direction. Attention! Do exercises at a slow pace with a small amplitude. You don't have to experience pain and should not hear a loud crunch (perhaps, slightly). Gradually the muscles and the vertebrae are developed and used to the workload, then you can increase the gym time, and range of motion.
The compresses. Mix 3 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 egg, one third Cup of turpentine and the same 6% vinegar. Whisk in a homogeneous mass. Daily apply the healing mixture on the withers, cover with plastic wrap and a warm scarf and leave on for 15-20 minutes (you may feel a slight burning sensation and a burst of heat). Repeat the procedure for 3-5 days, with little withers, not more than 10 days in advanced.
Applicators. Helps to get rid of the withers applicator Kuznetsova. A greater effect will the Lyapko applicator, consisting of fine needles of various metals and having a small step that provides a virtually painless application. Using the applicators, do not expect instant results, they will come months later, but the effect will be long.
Some experts in order to get rid of the withers advised to do vacuum massage soft silicone cupping, which are sold in the pharmacy. However, before this type of massage, you should consult with a specialist doctor or a professional massage therapist. The fact is that through ignorance it is possible to overdo it and earn intervertebral hernia.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the withers

Withers, widow"s hump, Wen – all names for the same problem, which consists in the deposition of adipose tissue, dense connective tissue, in the zone of the 7th cervical vertebra. Most often this disease affects women aged 40 years and older. Not only that, the withers are not just aesthetic, it conceals a more serious trouble – often occurring headaches and nagging pains in the spine. There are a few effective ways to get rid of the withers, just need to stock up time and patience
How to get rid of the withers
Do oil massage. For the preparation of oil mixture mix in a bottle of 100 g of castor bean oil (more commonly known as castor oil) 20 drops of tincture of propolis (you can buy in the pharmacy). How should stir. Dip part of your fingers and begin to RUB the withers. The movement should be flowing clockwise. Duration of self-massage is arbitrary, it all depends on how you have the patience and strength (arms are in the up position, and they quickly get tired). If you massage the withers several times a day, the result will come faster: you'll notice that after a week your hump will become softer, and after some time disappear altogether.
The composition of castor oil with propolis can be alternated with equally effective means. For example, you can mix the heparin and troxevazinum ointment in a 1:1 ratio and use to massage the mixture. Both drugs promote blood flow, and in fact it is often the circulation in this Department is the cause of the withers. In addition to the ointments, use a mixture of honey with vodka in equal parts – this team struggled with withers in Russia 200 years ago.
After the massage the withers well to tie a neck warmer scarf or handkerchief and take about half an hour.
Make it a rule to do daily exercises that effectively help in the fight against withers. Gymnastics simple, it is simple bending, turning and rotating the head. They can be done standing, sitting, and, if desired, even lying down. Arbitrarily make the head tilts forward-backward, left-right, then turns her chin to the left shoulder, right shoulder, rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise. Gently, without fanaticism, at slow speed and with small amplitude. You should not be dizzy and be a pain in the neck and nape, should not darken in the eyes and heard a loud crunch (well, maybe a little). If you do not stop daily activities, the vertebrae and the muscles will develop and get used to the loads, then you can increase and duration of gymnastics, and the pace and amplitude.
Do from time to time compresses on the withers. Prepare in advance a plastic film, a warm shawl or scarf. Make the following composition: vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons, egg – 1 PC., one-third Cup of turpentine and vinegar, 6%. All whisk thoroughly, apply on the withers, gently rubbing into the skin, cover with plastic film and then with a handkerchief. Hold 20-30 minutes. Better at this time to lie. You can experience a burst of heat and a slight burning sensation.
Buy at the pharmacy or applicator Kuznetsova, Lyapko. Apply according to the instructions in the leaflet. The result when using the applicators will not be instant, but the effect promises to be long, i.e., the withers is quickly growing. If you take yourself into the habit to use the applicator regularly, it will not appear at all.
Beware the advice of false experts recommending you to get rid of the withers by silicone massage vacuum jar. Before you follow this advice, consult a professional masseur. Inept actions can lead to the emergence of intervertebral hernia and other problems.

Advice 3 : How to bring salt from the spine

Problems with joints and spine often occur due to accumulation of insoluble substances, removing in a natural way from the body which is difficult. To get rid of salt it is possible not only by medication, but by using traditional methods.
How to bring salt from the spine
You will need
  • - kettle
  • water;
  • - beans;
  • - gauze;
  • Bank;
  • the teapot;
  • - fridge
  • - Fig;
  • - the roots of the sunflower;
  • - leaves and strawberries.
Please contact your doctor. Specialist will research, diagnose and prescribe a course of therapy. Accustom yourself every morning to drink 100-120 ml of hot water. This should be done in SIP, the process takes 30-40 days.
Take an enamel bowl, fill it with water at room temperature, and pour into a container with 200 g of fof salt. Wrap the bowl with a warm towel or blanket, and leave overnight. In the morning strain the liquid through cheesecloth folded in four. The resulting substrate pour in a Cup and drink twice a day for 100 ml, the remaining solution use for applying compresses to the affected area. Well before doing this to warm up.
Add a figure for the number of years you have lived, for example, 40-year-old woman will need 40 tablespoons. Rinse and pour the grits into a glass jar, add boiling water, close and put in the cold. After 12 hours drain the liquid. Take 1 tbsp rice and boil for 3-4 minutes, eat until half past seven in the morning. Porridge will stay, cover with water and again put in the cold. The starch contained in the cereal, washed away, it enters the digestive tract and removes salt from the body.
Cut the root of the sunflower seed into pieces with a size of about 2 cm Put the raw material into the pot and cover with water, simmer for a few minutes. Liquid pour 3 liters per 200 grams of the substance. Drink it for three days in divided doses during meals. Repeat the welding, you should have a 10-day tea from the same plant. The positive effect is noticeable after two weeks after the start of use. Try in this period to eliminate salty and acidic foods from the diet.
Sign up for massage, therapeutic manipulation can help relieve back strain. Stand up straight, relax. Slowly tilt the head forward and backward, right and left, repeat 6 times. Rotate shoulders three times forward and back. Dilute elbows to the sides. Keep blades. Rotten back forward and backward. Gradually do more exercise, the load is necessary for improvement of blood circulation in the upper part of the spine. Visit a bath, and to replenish the loss of fluid, pre-brew tea and take it with you.
Revise your daily diet, try not to eat fatty meat, bacon, offal, birds and animals. With care use puff pastry, foods with added sugar. Avoid sauces. Can't exclude animal products? Try eating meat with vegetables, so protein is better absorbed, thereby reducing the risk of formation of salts.
Add tea leaves dried or fresh leaves and strawberries. Can mix them with St. John's wort. On 300 ml of boiling water put 50-60 grams of tea, 20 grams of strawberry leaves and 15 grams of St. John's wort. Wait 10 minutes, then drink, diluted with water in a proportion one to one.

Advice 4 : Why a "superfluous scruff" or "Buffalo hump"

"Extra neck" or "Buffalo hump" on the neck is a cluster of fat cells at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra. It is more common in women after the age of 40 years.
Why a "superfluous scruff" or "Buffalo hump"

The causes of "extra neck"

"Buffalo hump" is a sign of imbalance in the body. The reasons for its occurrence are: traumatic damage to the vertebrae, fat deposition, hormonal disturbances, degenerative diseases, ankylosing spondylitis (deposition of calcium salts in the ligaments of the spine), infectious and inflammatory disease, menopause.

The causes of "extra neck" will depend on age. In 20-40 years it appears due to weakness of the neck muscles, and malposition of the 7th cervical vertebra. In result develop congestion accumulates excess fluid. The reasons for its formation at this age are hormonal disorders.

At the age of 40 years, "Buffalo hump" appears due to the decreasing estrogen level in the blood. Hormonal disturbances lead to changes in fat metabolism, redistribution of fiber. The consequence of the formation of nape is not only the deterioration of appearance. It leads to disruption of blood circulation, oxygen starvation of the brain, increased pressure, headaches.

How to get rid of the "extra neck"

When the "extra shoulder", which appeared due to improper position of a vertebra, are useful mineral and mud baths, manual massage, special gymnastics. Treatments relax muscles, improve circulation. Massage must be done regularly, 1 session should last at least 25 minutes. When hormonal disorders is necessary to undergo treatment from an endocrinologist.

Recommended active lifestyle, physical exercise (swimming, running). Food should include wheat, soy, sprouted beans contain phytoestrogens. Useful mud baths and contrast water. During water procedures should grind the back of the neck with a stiff brush in 10-15 minutes. After a shower to apply on the problem area emollient oil or baby lotion and again RUB the folds of fat.

To get rid of the "extra neck", perform special exercises. We recommend the following exercises. Take your original standing position, feet should width apart. Straighten your shoulders, pull them back, lift the chin.
Exercise # 1. Raise and lower shoulders. Repeat 30 times.
Exercise # 2. Slowly take the head tilts backward, forward and sideways. Repeat at least 30 times.
Exercise # 3. Follow the circular movements of shoulders forwards and backwards, at least 30 times.
Exercise # 4. Do Mahi hands in hand, at the same time as driving of the blade. Repeat the exercise at least 50 times.
Exercise # 5. Join hands behind back in "the castle". Slowly lift them up, feeling the tension in the upper back. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
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