Advice 1: Why is a lump on the back of the head

Reasons why get a bump on the head, there is quite a lot. This most often happens when mechanical impact, impact with a heavy object and some diseases of the body. You first need to identify the cause and take into account all accompanying symptoms.
Why is a lump on the back of the head

By itself, the bump on the back of the head (except for the resulting injuries) is a subcutaneous tumor and refers to benign tumors that can increase in size. Most commonly encountered bump on the head and on the human body are different lipomas, fibromas, warts, etc. Lipoma in plain language is called a Wen, as inside are sebaceous mass. For the treatment of lipomas apply folk remedies: a paste of boiled onion and soap. Fibroma is a fairly dense ball, which is located on a small "stalk". Effectively contribute to the resorption lotions from a mixture of beet juice and Golden mustache, but experts recommend to remove these tumors surgically. Warts also advisable to remove, under the supervision of a physician modern methods (laser, electric current, liquid nitrogen, etc.).

Directly at the base of the skull or in the lower part of the occipital region can be a sharp shot. Very often the presence of cones in this area is evidence of the magical abilities and the ability of this man to exert pressure and influence on others.

If a bump on the back of his head came from hitting hard and blunt object, around a bruise and swelling. Should immediately seek help from a doctor to rule out a fracture of the cranial bones or other adverse consequences. Almost always the appearance of such bumps is accompanied by painful sensations in the area of damage.

If there was no hit, a bump on the back of the head can be a symptom of the formation of hair cyst, which occurs when blockage of the sebaceous duct, located on the head. Gradual accumulation of fluid leads to the fact that the mass hardens and forms a lump.

Typically, conventional solid lump on the back of the head is removed using a cold compress if applied immediately after injury. This is because the injured vessels under the influence of cold begin to narrow so swelling is reduced. It is advisable to apply a wet towel or piece of ice, pre-wrapped it in a rag. For greater effect it is recommended to make the salt solution in which the moistened towel or rag (to 1 liter of cold water you will need 2-3 tablespoons of salt).

Special attention should be paid when a bump on the back of his neck or on his head appears in the child. And than he is under, the more likely the risk of negative consequences from the injury. You can't leave without a medical examination of the baby, if it cries from the pain, if the tumor increases significantly directly into the eyes, if the kid loses consciousness and becomes very pale, if you had continuous vomiting and convulsions, there was bleeding from the ear or nasal passages, etc.

There are various methods of dealing with a bump on the head or other part of the body. You can use medication. A good result can achieve special ointments that have a absorbable impact. To speed up the healing process by using iodine and alcohol. Mix them in equal proportions and periodically lubricate the injury (morning and evening). Effectively helps the juice of wormwood, which lubricate the bump on his head.

Can be applied to lump fresh cabbage leaf and cooked him a slurry. Scroll in milk lightly boiled cabbage through a meat grinder, put on a gauze bandage and tie it for 40-60 minutes on the affected area. Then you need to wash the tumor with water at room temperature.

You can also prevent the appearance of bumps on the head. For this it is necessary to take a small piece of cotton or gauze, saturate it with any vegetable oil, after which the hours apply to the bruised spot.

Advice 2: How to remove lump on forehead

Young children often fall down and fill his bumps, particularly on my forehead. Yes, we adults sometimes bump my forehead against something. After impact, usually from a hematoma – a lump.
How to remove lump on forehead
Remember that the lump is a result of a blow, and the blows very good cold. Accordingly, to remove a lump on forehead can help the ice, or rather ice pack. In order to do that, take a clean gauze or bandage. And best suited towel. From the refrigerator, remove the ice cubes. If not, then as a replacement suitable package with ice water. During the filling of the package need to be careful and watch that he does not leak.
After that, wrap the ice pack or ice in a towel or a thick layer of gauze (bandage). That is a thick layer necessary for soft and obligement compress, and also to the head was not very cold, in order to avoid colds.
Attach the resulting compress to the lump and area around it. Done actions will help to eliminate the bump in a relatively short time.
If on hand at the right moment, nothing of the above, try to attach to the shock of something cold. Maybe the bag will be a bottle of cool mineral water or frozen foods. Of course, whatever it is, it is desirable to wrap at least in a handkerchief, if there is nothing more appropriate.
In the case when this does not happens to be nearby that can help in the simple nickle in your wallet. The alloy of the metal of which it is made, has a positive effect on place of injury, and he's cool. Attach a Nickel to the injury site, and the bumps should not appear.
However, if the blow was too strong, and the lump is very large, it is better to consult a doctor in order to avoid concussions. Let him examine your head and tell you what to do.
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