You will need
  • Diagnosis in the early stages, the special drugs and overall therapy, careful care of the animals.
Dogs must be inspected quite often to identify the primary signs of the disease. For example, when the observation of scratching the skin between the toes is to verify the presence of mites. It can be felt. The occurrence of seals under the skin – a call to pay attention.
When the diagnosis of the presence of subcutaneous mite is to use drugs, its destroying. The use of acaricides will help to completely destroy a colony of mites in the hair bags and sebaceous glands (it is the place of accumulation). The most common acaricides should be considered "ivomec", ivermectin and amarain.
As the treatment can be applied immunomodulatory. Among them the most frequently in the treatment of subcutaneous mite include anandin, tsikloferon, ribotan, fosprenil. Also, do not forget about the use of vitamins. Quick action have vitamin injections.
Because of the toxicity of drugs, is to protect the liver and to apply protective medicines courses. As external means to apply aversectin ointment or ointment of animal hospitals.
Do not forget about nutrition. It was from him depends the period of recovery of the animal. It is good to give porridge and Turkey meat or beef.
How to treat subcutaneous mite in dogs