Subcutaneous mites in dogs as a result of his life highlight the products, which are strong allergens. The latter can cause itching, staphylococcal and streptococcal infection. The affected skin begins to peel, they formed a lumpy wounds in some areas may begin to fall coat. In dogs, it all manifests itself in the form of scabies, passing in the form of hyperkeratosis and dermatitis. In most cases, subcutaneous mites seen in dogs under one year of age. This fact is due to the low level of protective forces of an organism of an animal, which in turn may be associated with the change of teeth or the procedure of cupping his ears.
Demodicosis can affect all breeds of dogs. Infection usually occurs through contact with sick animals through the eyes, ears, lips, face, front legs and other places, active in the contact process. In addition, puppies can be infected from the mother. Severe forms of the disease can affect the spleen, stomach, kidneys, liver, lymph nodes.
Demodicosis manifests as skin lesions. The result is a violation of thermoregulation, the animal starts to constantly feel cold, to feel the chills even in a warm room. Since the symptoms of subcutaneous mite are similar to other infectious diseases, to diagnose is difficult. It is worth to pay attention to the behavior of the pet. Tick-infested animal becomes irritable, less friendly, and at times ceases to communicate with the host. When symptoms such as wykonywanie and combing a dog's skin, spotted fur loss, the appearance of flaking skin in the form of dandruff, it is essential to contact your veterinarian. After taking the required tests to the animal an accurate diagnosis.
Upon detection dogs subcutaneous mite the vet prescribed the necessary treatment. The animal usually prescribed acaricides, which aimed at the destruction of entire colonies of mites. In combination with it can be used immunomodulators.
Since prescribed medications are toxic, you should take care of the liver of the animal, using protective drugs. Do not forget about healthy dog food. This factor depends on the speed of her recovery. During treatment, pet is recommended to feed cereal and Turkey meat or beef.