You will need
  • Bandage.
If you have never cleaned before anal gland, sit with the dog in the car and drive to the vet. It will show you how to clean, and in the future you will be able to cope with this task independently.
If you go to the vet is not possible, do it yourself. The first thing you need to understand where the anal glands are. Take the dog lift her tail up, push it to the back and carefully inspect the area near the anus. Imagine that before you dial. The position of figures 5 and 7, and will meet the anal glands.
чем чистить уши щенку
Wash your hands thoroughly and take a piece of sterile bandage. Maximum ascribe to the tail of the dog to the back. Two fingers of the free hand, which is a bandage, we feel for anal cancer – dimples near the anus. Gently presses on both sides, and pus comes out.
почистить собаке уши