You will need
  • Drops from the ear mite for dogs, dropper, disposable syringe with needle, intramuscular remedy for ear mites.
If you doubt the reason why the dog is bothering the ears, be sure to contact your vet – he will make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. Do not self-medicate if you are unsure of the diagnosis, if you see that the animal is experiencing severe pain. In this case, the Amateur may not only not help, but harm.
ушной клещ у собак лечение
The most common reasons for a dog to bother the ears is ear mites, ear infections, allergies. The symptoms of these diseases are similar in many ways – shows that they bother the dog, he scratches with his paw his ears and shakes his head.
лечения кашля у собак
If a dog has an Allergy, the ears are blushing, pripuhnut, she begins to scratch them, and why there are wounds, scratching out the hair. Treatment in such cases should be prescribed by a doctor, it usually means Allergy. Be sure to also required to review the nutrition your pet, to rule out other possible allergens. Only in the absence of contact with allergens is possible that the dog will no longer disturb itching in the ears.
подкожные клещи у кошек
Ear mite in dogs is not difficult to define. If you look in the ear, you can see dark black or brown patina. In severe cases of dog's ears starts to separate the liquid and the dark coating can extend beyond the auricle, capping the whiskey of the animal, including its eyes. If this is the first case when the dog's ears appeared tick, try, use the tools, which are sold at any pet store or veterinary pharmacy is ear drops. They drip with a pipette in the ear of the animal, hold it with your finger by pressing on the earlobe, and massage the circular movements like rubbing the solution into the dog's skin. This procedure was repeated for several days – the duration of treatment is indicated on the packaging means from the tick.
At repeated occurrence of ear mites in the animal drops is unlikely to help, there is need of more potent tools – special shots, which makes also in accordance with the summary or recommendations of a veterinarian. In addition to treatment also need to take care of the immune system of the animal – usually ear mites comes from those dogs which have health problems. For example, parasites in the body of the dog, fleas can greatly oppress her condition, causing various troubles with health.