Advice 1: What if the ear lobe has a ball

Having had the ball in the earlobe, it is necessary to know the root cause. Only then can we understand whether you need treatment or he will after some time dissolve.
What if the ear lobe has a ball
Most often the ball in the earlobe caused due to the inflammatory process. In the beginning it resembles a pimple, but then it becomes bigger and goes a long time even when using tools against acne. To get rid of the ball in the earlobe, in this case you will need to take antibiotics. They will help to neutralize the inflammatory process.

The ball in the earlobe: the main causes

Be a ball in the earlobe may, at the atheroma. This disease leads to the blockage of sebaceous glands. As a result, in the lobe is formed a kind of Wen. In most cases, the atheroma leaks into a simple form and does not require treatment.

If will be seen that the ball increases each time in size, it is necessary to consult a doctor. There is a risk that the atheroma developed into a cyst. As a result, will need surgery. Through this small incision will be made through it will open the cyst and clean out everything inside. Then put a bandage on it and prescribe antibiotics. It is important to note that this surgical intervention is performed under local anesthesia and is not painful. Its duration is 15-20 minutes.

To receive the ball in the earlobe may from infectious diseases. Along with this, one can observe the pimples and cold sores. Here it is crucial to consult a doctor. This will prevent the negative consequences of infectious diseases.

Folk remedies from the ball in the earlobe

Take advantage of the popular ways to remove a ball in the earlobe if it arose as a result of inflammatory processes. Apply to it small pieces of al for 20 days. During this period, education will reveal. If there will be pus, then squeeze it and be sure to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide.

Take the ointment "Asterisk" and apply it to the ball in the earlobe. The skin may be slightly red, this fear is not necessary. Folk healers claim that this is a natural process, which suggests that soon the ball will decrease in size and then disappear altogether.

Use the ointment on the basis of tea tree oil. Take it in the amount of 10 ml in a vessel and add 30 ml of juice of a living tree. Mix thoroughly all the ingredients and then apply the ointment is a thin layer on top of the ball in the earlobe. This should be done several times a day until complete recovery.

Advice 2 : How to treat bumps in my ears

The bumps in the ears can occur for many different reasons. Sometimes these unpleasant formations are the result of inflamed lymph nodes, sometimes it can just be boils... What to do and how to fight?
How to treat bumps in my ears
Determine the cause of the bumps in the ear. If the finished seal is not sick, not itchy, but small pain is felt on palpation, it is likely that this lump was a lymph node. Thus the body responds to the beginning of inflammation, in particular otitis media. Acute otitis media can be caused by common cold. When the ear doesn't always have to hurt. Sometimes the patient feels only a slight tingling, but the inflammation continues.
If you are sure that the lump is the result of inflammation of the lymph node, don't touch her. Need to treat the cause that is itself the disease process. In the ears drip with anti-inflammatory drops, and a nose vasoconstrictor during the 5 days. If the temperature is not elevated, it is quite possible to do without antibiotics.
Visit the otolaryngologist. It will help to choose the right treatment and prescribe the right drops. This is essential, otherwise you can start the process that will lead to chronic otitis media, and this in turn is dangerous in that there is a grave danger to the ear. Once you get rid of the disease, the lump is on the ear will disappear by itself.
If the lump is large, red and very painful, it can be a furuncle of the external ear. Don't squeeze it – this can lead to the ingress of infection. Moisten with Vishnevsky ointment with a cotton swab and put it into the ear canal. It will accelerate the maturation of boils and appears, the outflow of pus from it. Bump, you can't try rubbing alcohol, or other home remedies.In any case, a bump on the ear – the reason for going to the doctor. Otolaryngologist and more accurately determine its nature and prescribe the appropriate remedy. Self-medicate, you may lose time, and that little bump on the ear will become infected wound or lead to serious inflammation, threatening the loss of hearing.
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