What to do in this case? How to get rid of the bumps? For this there are several methods of folk medicine.

  1. It was said that to remove the lump can with a penny. To date, this statement cannot be taken literally. The fact that this recipe was born when penny was copper. Modern five cents is significantly smaller in size and made from a different alloy. Therefore, the recipe can be rephrased in the following way. To remove the bump, it is necessary to attach the cold copper coin. It is cold and copper give a dispersion effect.

  2. In such an unpleasant situation can help just a very cold compress. Should be made to lump a piece of ice or a hot water bottle with ice. You need to keep for as long as the ice doesn't melt. Along with him will resolve the lump.

  3. Folk medicine recommends in such cases to put a piece of frozen meat such as frozen chicken.

  4. One of the remedies for getting rid of lumps is the raw potato. Grate it on a grater, put in a piece of bandage or gauze and apply to the bruised places. The lump will resolve quickly.

  5. Well to deal with cones ordinary iodine. Apply for a lump iodine grid to its complete disappearance. Apply the mesh you need as absorption of iodine. Lump it is necessary to grease with iodine, in any case can not be applied soaked with iodine swab. Iodine is strongly effective mean, in large quantities it causes serious burns.

  6. In addition to folk remedies, there are medical drugs that promote the resorption of hematomas. To treat the bumps will help the ointment Lioton 1000 and Caffeine. Spread the bump will have some time until its complete disappearance.

The above tools help not only from bumps on the forehead, and bumps that may occur as a result of prolonged injection. To get rid of the bumps after the injection will help fresh cabbage leaf or a slice of raw beet. Regularly attach to the sore spot and the lump goes away quickly.